Renew WIU Library Books
Renew Borrowed Books (Interlibrary Loan)
(No Bookmark) Purple Bookmark Yellow Bookmark
Photo of a book with no bookmark Photo of a book with a purple bookmark Photo of a book with a yellow bookmark

Maximum Renewals: 3

There are four options to renew WIU library book(s):

  1. Login to MyAccount from within WestCat or directly from the library webpage.
  2. View your "Checked Out Items."
  3. Click the "Renew" link next to each item you wish to renew.

Reply to the email notice requesting a renewal of the library item(s).


Renew book(s) borrowed from Malpass Library by calling the Access Services (Circulation) desk at (309) 298-2705. For books borrowed from the branch libraries (Music, Curriculum) and the WIU Quad Cities (Moline), contact the appropriate branch directly.

In Person:

Bring books to the Access Services (Circulation) desk to renew them.

Maximum Renewals: 3

Renew your Purple Bookmark items online. Due to display dimensions, we highly recommend using a computer desktop/laptop/tablet; not a phone!

Online Only:
  1. Login to MyAccount from the library webpage or the top right corner of WestCat/I-Share.
  2. Once in "My Account" the default for the left column is always "All Institutions," and the items showing under "Checked Out" will be from WIU.

  3. Image of initial MyAccount screen

  4. Change the left heading from "All Institutions" to "Has Activity," and the column will shrink to show just the schools whose books you have.
  5. Renewal is one library at a time, so pick a library, see the book(s) and click on Renew. Below, Millikin University is selected, so the book under "Checked Out" is theirs.

Inset of initial MyAccount screen

Books with Yellow Bookmarks (ILLiad Items) should be renewed online. Because they come from libraries outside our consortium, renewal times and requests are not standardized, but are up to each lending library. WIU Interlibrary Loan staff control neither the length of the renewal nor whether a renewal request will be granted.

Online Only:
  1. Login to your ILLiad account.
  2. View the list of your "Requests."
  3. Click the "Renew" button for each item you wish to renew.
  4. This action will generate a true request to the lending library. If the request is approved, the due date in your account will change, but this will not be immediate. If your request is denied, you will get an email notifying you that the item is still due on the original date.