State Online Atlases

The Illinois Site Selection Tool is no longer active. The Illinois Geospatial Data Clearinghouse contains geospatial data that can be downloaded for use with GIS.
The Contemporary Maps of Alabama web site has maps in PDF and JPEG formats that can be downloaded for viewing.
Two interactive mapping sites are available for Arizona, the Arizona Geospatial Data and Maps from the University of Arizona and the Arizona State Cartographer's Office geoserver which has a limited number of themes available. Another interesting site is the Grand Canyon Explorer which can be used to view topographic maps of the Grand Canyon and trail maps.
Arkansas GeoStor is an interactive mapping site with a limited number of map themes.
An Atlas of Colorado: A Teaching Resource with maps and explanatory information on agriculture, infrastructure, physical geography and population available in PDF format.
Delaware Geospatial Data Exchange is a map viewer with base map data for the state.
The Various Hawaii Maps offers a limited number of static maps for Hawaii.
Digital Atlas of Idaho has maps on a wide number of topics related to natural history. Inside Idaho has a collection of geospatial data.
IndianaMAP can be used to create maps on a wide variety of topics, including geology, environment, biology, hydrology, infrastructure and demographics
Iowa Geographic Map Server that contains base map and other data for the state.
Kentucky Geographic Explorer is a resource that can be used to locate maps and data for Kentucky. Kentucky also has an Interactive Mapping Site.
The Louisiana Atlas site can be used to explore data on a wide variety of topics related to the state.
The Atlas of Maine is a collection of maps on a wide variety of topics developed by students at Colby College.
The Online Data Viewer from MassGIS has a wide variety of data layers.
The Atlas of Minnesota Online is an online version of the print Atlas of Minnesota, which was published in 2003. Some maps on this site are more up-to-date than the print atlas.
The Geocortex IMF map viewer is an interactive map server with data on a wide variety of topics.
Two sites are available for Missouri: an Interactive and Static Maps Site and the Missouri Interactive Map Viewer.
Montana Maps offers PDF maps on a number of different topics for Montana.
Nebraska Interactive Maps include roads, dams, water bodies, hydrology units, elevation, SSURGO soils types, township/range/section, registered groundwater wells, floodplains and several years of aerials.
Virtual Clearinghouse for Nevada Geographic Information is a site with links to sites that provide GIS data for Nevada on a variety of topics.
New Hampshire
NH GRANIT View Data Mapper from the University of New Hampshire.
New Jersey
Two interactive mapping sites for New Jersey, on the environment & natural history and geology can be found at NJDEP GIS.
New York
MapNY allows users to view tract and county maps. New York City also has an interactive mapping site, called NYCityMap. William A. Bowen has also developed  The Digital Atlas of New York City, which is part of the American Cities Atlas Project.
North Carolina
A wide variety of data is available on North Carolina's OneMap Viewer.
North Dakota
North Dakota's HUB Explorer can be used to explore and view a wide variety of data on the state.
The Digital atlas of Oklahoma is available on CD-ROM in Government Information, Maps & Data Services. Oklahoma also has developed the OKData Warehouse Mapper system, which allows users to view data on a wide variety of themes.
The Oregon Explorer site allows users to explore data on a wide variety of topics.
eMapPA is an environmental mapping tool for the state that has a wide variety of data.
Rhode Island Environmental Resource Map
The Environmental Resource Map is an interactive mapping site with a wide variety of data on topics related to environmental management. Rhode Island also has an interactive viewer for Topographic Maps and Aerial Photos.
South Carolina
A few data layers are available on the South Carolina DNR Data Viewer, which will be expanded in the future.
A Digital Atlas of Texas Counties allows users to generate a Google map of a county. The site also has rural and community health data. The 1978 Atlas of Texas has been digitized by the Perry-Castañeda Map Collection.
Utah is an index to maps of Utah that can be viewed online.
The Vermont Center for Geographic Information web site contains both static maps of Vermont and an Interactive Map Viewer.
Several atlases for Virginia are available, including the Digital Atlas of Virginia Flora and a Community Health Atlas.
A number of interactive map sites are available for Washington State. They include the Washington State Geologic Information Portal, which provides links to several different geology-related interactive mapping systems, a Coastal Atlas, an Atlas of Panoramic Aerial Images, County, State and Watershed Maps, a Herp (Herpetology) Atlas, and a report on potential for liquefaction with maps of liquefaction by county.
West Virginia
Several interactive mapping applications can be accessed from the Map West Virginia web site. West Virginia also has the West Virginia Health Status Atlas, which provides maps on a variety of health related topics.
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has a number of interactive mapping applications for the state of Wisconsin that allows users to view a wide variety of thematic maps.
Several interactive mapping sites are available for Wyoming including an interactive mapping site from the Wyoming Office of Tourism and an Atlas of Birds, Mammals, Amphibians and Reptiles. The Wyoming GIScience site has links to several other interactive mapping sites.