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"Geography/Maps" (9 results)
21st Century Geography: a Reference HandbookIn this handbook, geography is represented in six section topics that comprise 70 chapters: Physical and Environmental Geography; Human Geography; Nature and Society; Regions and Regional Perspectives; Geographic Information Science; and Applied and Professional Geography. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
Digital Sanborn MapsMaps for most Illinois towns and cities from the years 1867-1970. Maps contain information such as outlines of each building, the size, shape and construction materials, street names, property boundaries, and much more. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
Encyclopedia of Geographic Information ScienceThe Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science covers the essence of this new and expanding field, containing contributions from some of the best recognized scholars in GIScience as well as from experts in GIS' supporting disciplines who explore how their disciplinary perspectives are expanded within the context of GIScience. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
Encyclopedia of Human GeographyMore than 300 entries offer a comprehensive overview of the major ideas, concepts, terms, and approaches that characterize a notoriously diverse field. This multidisciplinary volume provides cross-cultural coverage of human geography as it is understood in the contemporary world and takes into account the enormous conceptual changes that have evolved since the 1970s, including a variety of social constructivist approaches. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
Green Cities: An A-to-Z GuideProvides an overview of the key concepts that urban planners, policy makers, architects, engineers, and developers use to understand the sustainability dimensions of the urban environment. Identifies the strategies cities have used to become greener, reviews the broad concepts associated with green cities, and discusses technologies, infrastructures, and programs that contribute to the greening of cities. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
MapQuestAn interactive website atlas that calculates driving times, gives travel directions, and other navigational information.Geography/Maps
Maps of the AmericasIncludes maps of the Americas, primarily from the CIA. U.S. maps include historical and census maps with metropolitan area and county outline maps for each state.Geography/Maps
SAGE Handbook of Geographical KnowledgeThis handbook provides an analysis of geographical knowledge in three areas (Geographical Orientations; Geography's Venues; and Critical Geographical Concepts and Controversies) and places geographical theory, practice, and controversy in their spatial-temporal circumstances. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
U.S. Congressional Serial Set MapsCity, county, state, and national maps (U.S.) published as part of U.S. Congressional Serial Set from 1817-1980. The more than 50,000 maps in the U.S. Congressional Serial Set range from the great atlases to small individual maps clarifying very specific land questions, to the great triangulation surveys, to weekly weather maps. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps