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"Society & Issues" (19 results)
Anti-Immigration in the United States: a Historical EncyclopediaIncludes entries on current anti-immigration ideas, events, policies, and figures, as well as on the history of anti-immigration sentiment throughout American history, covering every major historical period. Also contains essays that analyze race, gender, and class dynamics in more depth to provide a theoretical framework, and primary documents that illustrate anti-immigration sentiment. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Debates on U.S. ImmigrationUses introductory essays followed by point/counterpoint articles to provide readers with views on multiple sides of this complex issue.Society & Issues
Disability in American Life: an Encyclopedia of Concepts, Policies, and ControversiesThis multivolume reference work provides an overview of challenges and opportunities for people with disabilities and their families at all stages of life. Topics covered include characteristics of disability; disability concepts, models, and theories; important historical developments and milestones for people with disabilities; prominent individuals, organizations, and agencies; notable policies and services; and intersections of disability policy with other policy. Includes primary documents and a glossary of terms related to disability studies. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Domestic Violence Sourcebook (6th ed.)Provides consumer health information about violence, stalking, harassment, and other forms of abuse, and discusses the physical, mental, and social effects of violence against intimate partners, children, teens, the elderly, immigrants, and other populations; gives strategies for prevention and intervention. Includes index, glossary of related terms and directory of resources. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Drug Abuse Sourcebook (6th ed.)Provides information about abuse of illegal drugs and misuse of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Describes specific drugs, their health impacts, addiction potential, and harms to individuals, families and communities. Drug treatment and recovery options and information on drug testing and drug-use prevention. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of CommunityThe Encyclopedia of Community is arranged in an A-to-Z fashion, but can also be viewed topically via a reader's guide, allowing users an interdisciplinary exploration of topics such as types of communities, social capital, technology, urban life, politics and law, community design, and global studies. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of DisabilityThe Encyclopedia of Disability is a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural, and historically grounded resource tool that guides the reader across fields, theories, debates, and practices, addressing the question: What is disability and why is it important in my life? An international editorial board of seventy-four editors from the Americas, Europe, Australia, India, Japan, and China, all experts in their own sub-fields of disability, developed these volumes. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of HomelessnessFocuses on the current situation in the United States with a comparative sampling of homelessness around the world. Key themes include: causes; lifestyle issues; health issues and services; history; legal issues and advocacy; government policies and programs; organizations; research approaches; service systems and settings; size and characteristics of the homeless population; public perceptions of homelessness; and world issues and perspectives. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of Law & Society: American and Global PerspectivesComprehensive and international treatment of the law and society field, presenting interdisciplinary perspectives on law from sociology, criminology, cultural anthropology, political science, social psychology, and economics. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of Multicultural PsychologyIncludes entries on a broad array of issues and covers the breadth of psychology viewed through the lens of the racial and ethnic minority experience. Addresses culture across a broad spectrum of psychological perspectives and includes topics that are relevant to social psychology, cognitive psychology, environmental psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and clinical psychology. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of Race and RacismExamines the anthropological, sociological, historical, economic, and scientific theories of race and racism in the modem era. Delves into the historic origins of ideas of race and racism and explores their social and scientific consequences. Includes biographies of significant theorists, as well as political and social leaders and notorious racists. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North AmericaCoverage is broad and interdisciplinary, including the fields of anthropology, health sciences, history, political science, social work, and sociology. Provides readers with basic information about the history of social welfare in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, including important events, developments, and the lives and work of some key contributors to social welfare developments. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of War & American SocietyA comprehensive, multidisciplinary historical work that examines the numerous ways wars affect societies. It covers a wide range of general thematic categories, issues, and topics that address not only the geopolitical effects of war, but also show how the U.S. engagement in national and international conflicts has affected the social and cultural arena. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of World PovertyContains over 800 original articles exploring poverty in various regions of the world and examining the difficulties associated with the definition and measurement of poverty, along with its causes and effects. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Euthanasia/Assisted-Suicide DebateExplores how judicial approaches, legislative responses, and prosecutorial practices have shifted as a result of changes in medical technology and consumer sophistication, emphasizing the 1950s forward.Society & Issues
Immigrants in American History: Arrival, Adaptation, and IntegrationA chronological study of the migration of various ethnic groups to the United States from 1500 to the present day. Explores dozens of immigrant populations in America and delves into major topical issues affecting different groups across time periods. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Multicultural America: an Encyclopedia of the Newest AmericansExplores the lives of immigrant groups from 50 countries who have contributed to the United States, exploring all aspects of lives in the old world as well as the new. Examines why people have come to the United States, how they have adjusted to and integrated into American society. Includes accounts of the experiences of the second generation and the effects of relations between the United States and the sending country. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Sexual Violence and Abuse: An Encyclopedia of Prevention, Impacts, and RecoveryProvides a comprehensive resource on sexual violence and abuse, bringing together the full range of topics across a human lifespan in a single work.Society & Issues
St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, 2nd ed.More than 3,000 essays on 20th and 21st century topics and persons in major areas of popular culture, including film, music, social life, sports, television and radio, art, and live performance of all kinds. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues