Colonel Rock


Appearance Requests

Colonel Rock IV “Ray” loves to make appearances and would welcome the opportunity to consider your appearance request.

However, I’m a busy pup and cannot be everywhere, all the time. So before making your appearance request, please consider the items below:

General Appearance Guidelines

All requests will be evaluated on a request-by-request basis. Colonel Rock will be most likely to participate in events and activities that advance the Western Illinois University mission, including the following but not limited to:

  • High-profile University events (such as prospective student events including Discover Western Events, Experience Western Events, campaign events, and alumni/donor events).
  • Events requested by Western Illinois University’s President.
  • WIU athletic events, including home football and basketball games.
  • University spirit events including pep rallies and Homecoming.
  • Events requested by an official Live Mascot Program sponsors.

Off-campus or private appearance requests will be evaluated on the following criteria.

  • The availability of Colonel Rock and his handler.
  • If the appearance advances the mission of Western Illinois University.
  • The appearance is a controlled and predictable environment.
Appearance Fees

Appearances are free of charge, however, if the request involves traveling outside of Macomb, Illinois requests are subject to an appearance fee that goes to cover expenses related to travel and other needs of the WIU live mascot program.

Ray with a group of community members at the ribbon cutting of the Jackie and Dave Thompson Dog Park

Request an Appearance

Request an Autograph

I would be honored to send out an autograph to any of my Leatherneck fans. Request a personalized autographed photo for you or your loved one.

At this time, we can only send autographs within the continental US. Please allow 7-10 business days for arrival.

Ray holding up his paw and Ray's autograph

Request an Autograph

Media Requests

Requests for interviews should be directed to:

Western Illinois University Office of Communications
Marketing & Media Relations

Ray and friends on ESPN broadcast