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WIU Employees Honored for Years of Service

April 17, 2014

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MACOMB, IL – The 31st annual Western Illinois University Employee Recognition Reception begins at 7 p.m. Tuesday, April 29 in the University Union Grand Ballroom.

The reception will honor employees who have completed 10 – 40 years of service to Western. The Civil Service Recognition and Service – Distinguished Service Award will be presented to College of Business and Technology Office Manager Lori Boyer and the Administrative Community Service Award will be presented to Director of WIU Scholarship Activities Terri Hare during the same ceremony.

Employees being honored for service include:

Forty Years
Marilyn Shelley, Libraries
Linda Waller, Financial Aid

Thirty-five Years
Connie Corbin, Administrative Information Management Systems
Robert E. Johnson, Geology
Charolette Megginson, Music
Steven Monger, Chemistry/Physics
Connie Pollock, Libraries

Thirty Years

George Cherveny, Mathematics
Felix Chu, Libraries
Sharon Evans, College of Fine Arts & Communication
Cindy Feld, Business Services
Judith Hardin, English & Journalism
Terri Hare, Scholarship Office
Sharon Nott, Theatre & Dance
Paul Paccione, Music
Michael Romano, Biological Sciences
Roland Smith, Laboratory Animal Care

Twenty-five Years
Lora Adcock, Libraries
Chandra Amaravadi, Computer Sciences
Lynn Bainter, Facilities Management - Building Services
Cheryl Bailey, Communication
Katharine Barrett, University Technology
Robin Bauerly, Institute for Environmental Studies
Laurie Black, Registrar
Margaret Carle, College of Business & Technology
Richard Carter, Distance Education Support
Richard Clemons, English & Journalism
Robert Joseph Cook, University Technology
James DiTulio, University Counseling Center
Joseph Dobson, Management & Marketing
Cindy Dooley, College of Education & Human Services
Judith Eckerly, Alumni
Samuel Edsall, Broadcasting
Steven Kaesdorf, Western English as Second Language
Gary Lafary, Facilities Management - Landscape Maintenance
Suzanne Litchfield, Registrar
Cheryl McCulley, Human Resources
Terry Melvin, Facilities Management - Building Services
Michael Murray, Broadcasting
Jerry Parry, Facilities Management - Building Services
Donald Powers, Curriculum & Instruction
Glen Solomonson, Music
James Stegall, Music
Michael Taylor, Television Services
Jeanette Thomas, WIU Quad Cities - Biological Sciences
Sara Thomas, Bookstore
Larry Thurman, Facilities Management - Building Services
Michael Ulmer, Financial Aid
John Vana, Music
Marc Vawter, Document & Publication Services
Lisa Wen, Chemistry
Thomas Williams, Geography
Mei Yang, Mathematics
Patricia Young, English & Journalism

Twenty Years
Marjorie Allison, English & Journalism
Marisa Beard, College of Education & Human Services
Carol Beekman, Human Resources
Steven Bennett, Geology
John Biernbaum, University Housing & Dining Services
Mark Boley, Physics
Rafe Breedlove, Facilities Management - Building Mechanical Maintenance
Amy Buwick, Counseling Center
Robert Coats, Facilities Management - Building Mechanical Maintenance
Gina Colley, Document & Publication Services
Virginia Denny, Beu Health Center
Loran Erdmann, Kinesiology
Linda Farr, Human Resources
Patricia Fowler-Rouse, Facilities Management - Building Services
Andrea Francis, Libraries
Gilbert Gade, Facilities Management - Building Services
Susan Gray, University Technology
Joyia Greuel, Registrar
H. Jon Jones, Curriculum & Instruction
Peter Jorgensen, Communication
Ruth Kelly, Psychology
Ann Lascelles, Beu Health Center
Julie Mahoney, Art
Sharon Maroney, WIU Quad Cities - Education & Human Services
Jill Marshall, Sponsored Projects
James Olsen, Mathematics
Melanie Parmer, Student Legal Services
Katharine Pawelko, Recreation, Park & Tourism Administration
Susanna Pendergast, Accounting & Finance
Timothy Piper, Kinesiology
Kathryn Pohlpeter, Communication Sciences & Disorders
C. Louise Reynolds, College of Fine Arts & Communication
Richard Robeson, Bookstore
Cynthia Roon, Facilities Management - Building Services
Roger Runquist, Center for Innovation in Teaching & Research
Darcie Shinberger, University Relations
Scott Smith, Administrative Information Management Systems
Kathy Strange, Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education
Lori Sutton, Institute for Rural Affairs
Daniel Yoder, Recreation, Park & Tourism Administration

Fifteen Years
Patricia Anderson, Sociology & Anthropology
Lawrence Andrew, Computer Sciences
Andrew Baker, Agriculture
Lori Baker-Sperry, Women's Studies
Denis Barnes, Accounting Office
Matthew Bierman, Budget Office
Matthew Blankenship, Psychology
Dennis Bowman, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
Paul Carrigan, Libraries
Marie Cheak, WIU Quad Cities - Education & Human Services
Sharon Chenoweth, Human Resources
Kathleen Clauson, Libraries
Ann Comerford, University Union Student Activities
Toni Depoy, University Union Service Center
Denise Edwards, Beu Health Center
Sharon Faust, Educational/Public Service Radio
Ritchie Gabbei, Kinesiology
Sandra Ginther, Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education
Heather Griswold, Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education
Brent Heaton, Agriculture-Farm
Thomas Hinton, Facilities Management - Building Services
Neil Huston, Facilities Management - Landscape Maintenance
Virginia Jelatis, History
Jenny Knavel, Art
Laverne Logan, WIU Quad Cities - Education & Human Services
Janet Marlette, Institute for Rural Affairs
Samuel Marlow Jr, Facilities Management - Building Maintenance
Brenda McConnell, Distance Education Support
Bruce McCormack, University Technology
Kimberly McDaniel, Center for International Studies
Shawn Meagher, Biological Sciences
Lisa Melz-Jennings, Advising & Academic Support Center
John J. Miller, Communication
Moises Molina, Music
Dana Moon, College of Education & Human Services
Charles Morgan, University Technology
Kathleen Myers, Art
Katherine Nichols, Libraries
Lorette Oden, Health Sciences
Elizabeth C. Parks, Registrar
Gerald Wayne Quesenberry, Admissions
Terry Rathje, Art
Ted Renner, Facilities Management-Planning & Construction
Lois Retherford, WIU Quad Cities - Admissions
Penny Rigg, English & Journalism
Carl Roberts, University Technology
Pamela Rodeffer, Beu Health Center
Daniel Romano, University Technology
Joyce Runquist, Engineering Technology
Rajeev Sawhney, Management & Marketing
Connie Shugart, Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education
Cynthia Struthers, Institute for Rural Affairs
Cecil Tarrant III, Management & Marketing
Mary Thomas, Document & Publication Services
Barbara Thompson, Accounting Office
Richard A. Thurman, Instructional Design & Technology
C. Jeffrey Tindall, Recreation Park & Tourism Administration
Larry Tingley, Admissions
Letisha Trepac, Provost & Academic Vice President
Thomas Vogel, Biological Sciences
Daniel Walter, Kinesiology
Derek Watts, Public Safety
Carrie Woodside, Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education
James Woolley, WIU Quad Cities - Business & Technology
Roger Zellers, Facilities Management - Building Services
Karen Zellmann, Social Work
Kathleen Zemke, English & Journalism

Ten Years
Coy Abernathy, Facilities Management - Building Mechanical Maintenance
Dale Anderson, Facilities Management - Building Mechanical Maintenance
Irina Andreeva, Mathematics
Barbara Arvin, College of Business & Technology
Borisz Bacsovics, Center for Application of Information Technology
Matthew Baker, Center for Application of Information Technology
Gina Billingsley, Beu Health Center
Pamela Bowman, Human Resources
Brian Briggs, Facilities Management - Building Services
Mary Calvert, Accounting & Finance
Steven Campbell, Facilities Management - Building Services
Christie Carmack, Center for International Studies
Brian Clark, Libraries
Jeanne Clerc, Health Sciences
Mary Curtis, Chemistry
Zulma David, Facilities Management - Building Services
Catherine Drinka, Engineering Technology
Douglas Druckenmiller, WIU Quad Cities - Business & Technology
Richard Gray, Facilities Management - Landscape Maintenance
Jennifer Grimm, Communication
Richard Hamilton, University Technology
Gisele Hamm, Institute for Rural Affairs
Lisa Hart, Beu Health Center
John Hemingway, Recreation, Park & Tourism Administration
Tishly Herrington, Admissions
Kris Holliday, Human Resources
David Holz, Art
Sue Hum-Musser, Biological Sciences
Larry James, Facilities Management - Building Services
Barton Jennings, Management & Marketing
Mary Kay Karn, Music
Mable Kreps, Institute for Rural Affairs
Irving Kwong, Center for Application of Information Technology
Stacey Macchi, Communication
Elgin Mannion, Sociology & Anthropology
Hal Marchand, Health Sciences
Alicia Mathinson, Communication
Karen Maulden-Curtis, Institute for Rural Affairs
Bonny Mhlanga, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
Julieta Mihai, Music
Gerald Moore, Facilities Management - Building Services
Timothy Moore, Facilities Management - Heating Plant
Jill Myers, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
Boris Petracovici, Mathematics
Lia Petracovici, Mathematics
Kevin Potter, Facilities Management - Building Services
Marla Rigg, Beu Health Center
Thomas Rosner, University Technology
Erskine Smith, College of Education & Human Services
Mary K. Smith, Center for Best Practices in Early Childhood Education
Burt Sorkey, Counseling Center
Timothy Spier, Biological Sciences
Brian Waibel, Facilities Management - Heating Plant
Lora Wallace, Sociology & Anthropology
James West, Instructional Design & Technology
Phoebe Wilson, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals
Tamara Wilson, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals
Cerese Wright, University Housing & Dining Services

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