University Relations

Guideline for Promotion of News Items, Events, and Professional Activities

Know of a news-worthy event, item, achievement, or activity? We're here to help you promote it! Please submit a Media Request form to start the process!

Faculty & Staff Experts Database (Add Yourself!)

University Relations maintains a database of experts. Please update your info when first hired, as necessary, or at least once every other year. Even if you do NOT wish to be contacted by media, we would appreciate having the information for such publications as The Western Alumni Magazine.

We are contacted frequently by reporters – local, regional and national – who are seeking an expert on a particular subject. It is helpful for us to know faculty members' area of expertise so we know who to refer the media to.

Event Checklist for Publicity and Promotion

Contact University Communications EARLY in the planning of your event/activity to make them aware of your efforts and for assistance in maximizing the success of your efforts.

Get firm details about the event/news item (promotion, professional achievement, publication, conference, etc.)

  • Who, What, Where, When, Why
  • Contact person, contact email, contact phone
  • Relevant website (if applicable)
  • Target Audience
  • Associated Department, College, Major of Study or Program
  • Cost to attend/ticket purchase (if applicable)


Two weeks advance notice is preferable in order to obtain maximum coverage; however, University Communications staff will work with you to promote last minute events or programs. Please submit a Media Request form to start the process!

Events Open to the Public

If your event/program is open to the public submit the item to the University Public Web Calendar.

Photos and Filming/Video

Photography & Design Production and  University Television can be contacted for more information. Please submit a Media Request form if you have photography or video needs.

Include Your Alumni!

  • Make your alumni proud by submitting your event to the Western Magazine's managing editor, Alisha Looney