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Graduate Research Conference Winners Announced

March 31, 2015

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MACOMB, IL – The annual Graduate Research Conference was held at Western Illinois University Friday, March 6.

The event featured presentations by 72 of WIU's graduate student researchers. This included 39 podium presentations and 31 posters on display.

Awards were presented at the end of the event. Those honored this year include:

Artistic Performances
First place – Marius Louvine Anthony (Music) "Collective Identity in the Making of African American Classical Music"
Second place – Matt Saltzberg (Theatre: Directing) "Bertolt Brecht's Mother Courage – The Song of the Great Capitulation"

Research Posters
First Place – Alexander Blanton (Physics) "Design and Implementation of a Radio Frequency Oscillator"
Second Place – Amanda Ellison (Chemistry) "Evaluation of Synthetic Thiosemicarbazone Containing…"
Third Place – Samuel J. Duesman (Experimental Psychology) "The Effect of Prenatal Acetaminophen Use During Development on the Prevalence of ADHD-like Behavior in Rodent Offspring"

Research Presentations
First Place – Shyan R. Edwards (Sociology) "How Has Jamaican Dancehall Music Contributed to Hostility towards Members of the LGBT Community?"
Second Place – Melaine N. Nsaikila (Economics) "Poverty, Resource Abundance, and Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Third Place – Jonathan Counce (Experimental Psychology) "Collaborating on Instructional Video Games to Scaffold Science Learning"

More than 200 people attended this year's conference. Next year's conference will be held March 4.

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