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WIU Film Minor Provides Wide Variety of Cinematic Experience

September 21, 2016

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MACOMB, IL – A relatively new academic minor at Western Illinois University gives students a chance to gain experience in cinema.

The interdisciplinary film minor officially began in 2007, and was put together by WIU English Associate Professor Roberta Di Carmine.

When journalism studies at the University merged with broadcasting studies in 2015, the minor was moved into the WIU Department of English, with classes taught by Di Carmine and professors Richard Ness and David Banash.

Di Carmine said the minor gives students the opportunity to analyze films and learn skills they need "in a changing world that is defined by visual literacy."

"The interdisciplinary film minor combines aspects of critical and theoretical approaches to film with opportunities for production experience," she added. "Students are taught by faculty who have a wide range of interests and professional experiences."

Classes included in the minor can be taken in several departments and programs, such as English, broadcasting, theatre and liberal arts.

Di Carmine, who is the advisor for the minor, teaches courses in American cinema, film history, women in film and television. She said planning is underway to include new courses such as screenwriting.

The minor prepares students for careers in film and new media writing, film production, education, broadcasting, advertising and graphic arts. It also provides film-related student opportunities such as submitting work to film festivals and conferences, and attending film lectures and screenings organized by WIU's Film Club.

The interdisciplinary film minor has a total of 18 required hours, nine of which are required courses designed to give students a broad overview of film history and culture. The electives (nine hours) may be taken from several departments, according to students' needs and interests.

For more information on the Interdisciplinary Film Minor, contact Di Carmine at or the WIU Department of English (309) 298-1103.

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