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WIU Interim President Martin Abraham met with Associate Professor of Agriculture Mark Hoge's livestock merchandising class this week.
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Leatherneck Country Meats to Hold Third Sale

March 5, 2020

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MACOMB, IL - - For a third time, the student-run Leatherneck Country Meats - the Purple and Gold Standard of Western Illinois University- will offer a pork sale to the public.

The operation is run through the University Farm and uses animals raised there as part of the University's academic offerings, including classes on swine science and as part of WIU's nationally-successful Livestock Judging Team. Money raised through the program benefits the School of Agriculture.

Agriculture students are employed at the farm to handle all parts of animal care, from feeding to farrowing. Faculty from the WIU's School of Agriculture advise the students.

"Leatherneck Country Meats offers our students a valuable opportunity to learn all aspects of selling what they produce," said WIU Interim President Martin Abraham. "And as a Leatherneck Country Meats customer, I can personally attest to the great work our students do to produce delicious, high quality products."

Processing for Leatherneck Country Meats is done at the Farmhouse Meat Company in Carthage, IL. Owners of the meat locker include two WIU alumni.

Leatherneck Country Meats is offering three bundles for sale in March, including:

•The Rocky Bundle- $120: two roasts or hams, six-eight pork chops, three pounds of bacon and eight pounds of sausage.

•The Purple and Gold Bundle- $310: three pounds of rack spare ribs, four two-pound Boston butt roasts, two shoulder roasts, eight pounds of bacon, 10-12 bone in chops, five pounds of sausage, two packages of brats and a whole ham, halved.

•The Whole Hog- $400: The meat is processed to the buyers' specifications. The processing cost is not included in the package. (Approximately 150 pounds).

The finished bundles must be picked up at the Carthage locker by the buyers. Orders for bundles will be accepted through April 1.

To order from the Leatherneck Country Meats, visit

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