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Western Illinois University Libraries Introduces Diversity Plan; Proposes New Collections

March 21, 2022

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MACOMB/MOLINE, IL – Western Illinois University Libraries will introduce a WIU Libraries Diversity Plan, as part of the University Strategic Plan and in collaboration with the promotion of diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Diversity Plan will include establishing six new collections that will work with the curriculum, research projects and community engagement of scholarship work. The proposed collections include Hispanic-Latinx, and Caribbean Studies; Africana and African Diaspora Studies; European and Asian Studies; Middle Eastern Studies; Women, Gender and LGBTQIA+ Studies; and Anti-Racism, Intolerance, Genocide and Holocaust Studies. These collections will not only develop clusters of materials, printed or digital, they will encourage a space for teaching, research and having conversations and colloquiums.

"The WIU Libraries is a great institution. Our foundation is solid thanks to the staff and steady leadership through the years. Our commitment in service to all our patrons is shown in the diversity of users we have. The WIU Libraries is a safe place for every student, scholar, and the community in general," said Dean of Libraries Hector Maymi-Sugranes.

"It is our commitment to continue this tradition by developing a Diversity Plan that will be a living document, a document that helps the WIU Libraries improve its collections and services in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. It will be at the core of our services and collections, and we hope to eliminate any trace of disparity in how all the programs do their responsibilities."

Diversity Plan committee members include: Jade Kastel, Krista Bowers Sharpe, Sean Cordes, Kathy Nichols, Oluwafisayo Bakare, Bill Thompson and Adeola Adesoro, with Kastel serving as chair.

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