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The Steen Siblings Continue their Father's Legacy - All Enrolled at WIU

November 15, 2023

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MACOMB, IL - - In the town of Macomb, where golden fields stretched as far as the eye could see, the Steen family's connection with Western Illinois University continued to flourish. A legacy was being woven, not just in memories but for the WIU community.

Callahan, the eldest of three siblings, stepped on campus with a sense of purpose as he pursues a dual degree in Law Enforcement and Business Administration. His decision to choose Western was rooted in the tales of his father's transformative college experience and the allure of completing both undergraduate and graduate studies in just five years.

Macullum, a sophomore, has found his niche in the renowned Emergency Management program. Drawn by Western's reputation, he has embraced the opportunity to carve his path amidst the cornfields of Illinois.

Adalaina, the youngest, has taken on her freshman journey with eagerness, pursuing a degree in Business with a focus in Accounting. The stories from her brothers and father have painted a vivid picture of WIU's welcoming community, and she couldn't wait to join her siblings on this shared adventure.

Their father, Jason, a Leatherneck alumnus who had donned the football jersey with pride from 1994, graduated with a Law Enforcement degree in 1997. For Jason, WIU wasn't just an alma mater; it was a cherished part of family lore.

As the siblings continue into this new chapter, they carry with them the tradition and spirit instilled by their father. The family's bond with WIU transcended generations, with Jason and his wife making regular visits, sometimes soaring through the skies in his private plane to share lunch with their children.

The Steen family's commitment extended beyond the campus gates. Jason's presence at WIU's job fairs showcased a dedication to giving back.

"Our family's group chat is named "WIU and Mom," Stephanie Steen said. "If that isn't a testament to our love for WIU, I don't know what is."

In the Steen household, the purple and gold is not only a symbol but a vault of dreams realized and a legacy carried forward. The Steens, bound by stories, traditions and a shared love for WIU, stand proud and are a testament to education and family bonds. Leathernecks today, tomorrow and forever.

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