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WIU Local Student Spotlight: Rosa Perez

March 13, 2024

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You don't have to leave to go far! Through the experiences of our local Western Illinois University students, we want to highlight the many opportunities that await you in this special series. Close to home, WIU can show you the world as you pursue your academic journey and future career.

Meet Rosa Perez, a sophomore Supply Chain Management major who chose to attend WIU after seeing her sister's experience.

"I noticed I would have a full college experience, while also getting to see family every weekend," Perez said.

Why WIU?

When asked why she chose WIU, Perez noted the multiple scholarship opportunities that would prevent future financial burdens.

The WIU Experience

Perez's experience at WIU has been impactful. She actively participates in different student organizations, including the Women in Business, becoming an e-board member for AMPLIFY; and connecting with her peers widely.

Future Career Aspirations

Western has prepared Perez through academic excellence and the unknown. She was encouraged to prioritize getting into the Centennial Honors College, which opened the door to more opportunities and a variety of resources that have shaped her academics and overall health.

Student Advice

She feels prospective students should consider reaching out and connecting with the University; building real relationships and establishing friendships.

"WIU will help you get a degree and provide many opportunities for any major," Perez said. "Depending where you are from campus, being close to home or on campus, WIU offers scholarships and will help you through the financial aid process."

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