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Benefit Showing to Support University Libraries Holocaust Media Collection

September 13, 2005

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MACOMB, IL – A benefit showing of the award-winning documentary “Hiding and Seeking” will be hosted by the Western Illinois University Libraries at 7:15 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 28 in the University Union Sandburg Theatre.

According to William Thompson of the University Libraries, the money raised will go toward the purchase of additional films for the newly-created Holocaust Media Collection at the WIU-Macomb campusÂ’ Leslie F. Malpass Library. The collection currently has 27 titles, with a goal of acquiring more than 50, Thompson added.

Tickets for the benefit showing are $5 for Western students and $10 for the general public. Western President Al Goldfarb, a Holocaust historian, will lead a brief discussion following the film.

“Hiding and Seeking” tells the emotional and dramatic story of a Jewish father who journeys with his two ultra-conservative orthodox sons back to Poland to try to find the Christian farmers who hid his family from the Nazis. His hope is to instill in his insulated and narrow minded sons the power of interfaith tolerance and trust.

The Holocaust Media Collection was established in Fall 2005 after Thompson and Brian Clark, also of the University Libraries, received a grant from the Illinois Cooperative Collection Management Program.

“The films that we have are available not only to Western faculty and organizations, but to area schools, churches and civic organizations,” Thompson said. “Our collection has both documentaries and feature films, and focuses on films in languages other than English. In addition to classic Holocaust documentaries, we also purchased films that would provide a background for talking about the Holocaust.

“This is also the beginning of a teaching film library. We want to add other films that address other acts of genocide, such as Rwanda, Cambodia and others,” he added.

In addition to “Hiding and Seeking,” the following films are part of the Holocaust Media Collection: “Auschwitz (Oswiecim),” “Children of Izieu,” “Dybbuk,” “Fuhrer Gives a City to the Jews,” “Healing By Killing,” “Horrors of the Third Reich,” “Kastner Trial,” “Kedma, Krasnodar: The Trial of 1943,” “Ladies Tailor,” “Landscape After Battle,” “Last Transfer Liberation of Auschwitz 1945,” “Life is Beautiful,” “Majdanek 1944,” “My Mother's Courage,” “Our Children,” “Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler,” “Specialist,” “Third Generation,” “Train of Life,” “Triumph of Survival,” “Triumph of the Will,” “Visting from the Living,” “The Pianist,” “Shoah” and “Unlikely Heroes.”

For more information, contact Thompson at 309/298-2700 or e-mail

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