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L-R: (back row) Terri Coplan, Al Waters; Lori Boyer, (front row) Annette Hamm, and Linda Wade were recognized for community service and/or for their dedicated service in their duties at the University.
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WIU Employees Recognized for Service

April 28, 2010

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MACOMB, IL - -Five Western Illinois University employees were recently honored for service to their local communities and for distinguished service to the University. Employees were also honored for milestone years of service to WIU.

Lori Boyer, office manager for the dean's office in the College of Business and Technology, and Al Waters, director of Career Services, each received the 2010 Western Illinois University Community Service Award, which recognizes employees for contributions to WIU and local communities that benefit and enrich the lives of others. The award includes a certificate from the Office of Human Resources and a $250 stipend from the WIU Alumni Association.

Terri Coplan, office manager for the communication department; Annette Hamm, faculty senate office manager; and Linda Wade, library operations associate, received 2010 Distinguished Service Awards, which are given to employees whose contributions to the University show initiative, innovation, and dedication to service. The awards include a certificate and a $250 stipend from the Office of Human Resources.

Community Service Award Recipients
Lori Boyer was nominated because of her service as volunteer coordinator of the Market Day fundraiser for the West Prairie Middle School PTO and for the former Northwestern School District. Since 1996, Boyer has organized mailings and fliers, and coordinated volunteers, among other duties, for the annual event, which allows schools to purchase educational equipment through sales of frozen foods. She has also volunteered for the past seven years as secretary for the West Prairie Athletic Boosters, helped coordinate and raise funds for After Prom and After Grad events, and assisted in activity planning and fundraising for the annual Blandinsville Farmers' Picnic. Boyer's nominators praised Boyer for the fact that "she has always been willing to volunteer and help her school and community to provide safe and fun activities for all ages."

Al Waters was nominated for consistent acts of kindness, including assisting elderly residents with painting their homes or flagpoles, but particularly those in support of the U.S. Armed Forces. He has spearheaded efforts to collect donations from WIU, local community members, and local businesses, for care packages to send to troops serving in Afghanistan. In 2009, when his son, Al Waters Jr., was deployed to Afghanistan, Waters implemented a local Adopt-a-Soldier program, recruiting WIU employees to "adopt" all the soldiers in the unit. For the Christmas holiday, Waters secured a large shipment of food from a local grocery store to send to the troops, as well as a foosball table, WIU sweatshirts, and other gifts to ensure that each member of the unit was thought of and would receive Christmas gifts while deployed.

"Al Waters continues to make a difference in peoples' lives," wrote one nominator. "Whether it is his unselfish giving of his own time and money to people in Macomb or Afghanistan, he truly exemplifies someone who is making Macomb and Western Illinois University a better place."

Distinguished Service Award Recipients
Terri Coplan was nominated for exhibiting calm demeanor, positive customer service, and professionalism, especially in times of personnel transition within the department.

"The customer service that she provides to each and every visitor to the department does not falter. She is always willing to help and assist in any way she can, even when she is extremely busy completing a project," wrote one of her nominators. Another nominator wrote that Coplan "makes sure that we have all the information and supplies that we need to deliver quality courses for our students, all while providing a warm, welcoming front office environment."

Annette Hamm was nominated for excellence in her duties of serving as recording secretary and office manager for the faculty senate, and providing secretarial services to some of the senate's 10 standing committees and councils.

"Her knowledge of the operating documents, policies, and procedures for the senate and all of its associated bodies is astonishing," wrote one nominator. "She often serves as the 'point person' and the primary resource of information when the leaders of these bodies have questions. I cannot imagine how to place a value on her outstanding service to the faculty senate, and by extension, to the University."

Linda Wade, who oversaw the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Unit for many years, was nominated for her willingness to accept new challenges, for serving as a patient instructor for student workers under her supervision, and for her "trail-blazing" efforts to modernize the ILL process, which is an essential feature for students and faculty in conducting research. Through suggesting the acquisition of equipment that would perform ILL operations more efficiently, and then overseeing implementation of that equipment, "she did much to take us from an old, slow research world to a modern, fast one," wrote one nominator.

"WIU researchers of all kinds—from sophomores to tenured faculty—can now electronically monitor and analyze their own interlibrary loan and document delivery situations. Early on, Linda realized the absolute necessity of uniting and aligning with other libraries—particularly in Illinois—in order to expand and enhance services to WIU faculty, staff and students."

Employee Service Recognition

45 years:
Don Crouch, Art

40 years
Jacqueline Thompson, Vice President for Administrative Services

35 years
Fredrick Combites, University Technology
David Monninger, Larry Monninger, University Union - Administrative
David Patrick, Theatre & Dance
Gordon Roskamp, Agriculture
Teri Waugh, Financial Aid

30 years
W. Earl Bracey, University Union - Administrative
Diane Bruns, Athletics
Nita Burg, Provost & Academic Vice President
Marsha Cameron, Janice Ebbert, Marsha Icenogle, Douglas McCullough, Jackie Oster, Janet Rauch, David Rouse, Cathy A. Smith, Chester Townsend II, Building Services
John Paul Carlson, Agriculture
Belinda Carr, Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center
Dawn Casteel, Center for International Studies
Lynn Hackbarth, Bookstore
Kevin Hare, Document & Publication Services - Mail Services
Georgia Henderson, Adult Education Center
W. Garry Johnson, Vice President for Student Services
Martha Klems, Computer Science
Richard Sample, Television Services
Carmen Sandoval, WIU-Quad Cities - Administration
Valerie Sprinkle, Educational/Public Service Radio
Michael Wallick, University Libraries
Galen Weitkamp, Mathematics

25 years
Susan Adams, Administrative Information Management Systems
Raymond Brinker, Marko Kranjc, , Mathematics
Judith Brown, Computer Science
Pamela Brown, Provost & Academic Vice President
James Caldwell, Music
Deborah Carithers, Teresa Stockler, Advising & Academic Support Center

Gayle Carper, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Candace Fidler, Beu Health Center
Jay Hainline, Evelyn Reusch, Public Safety
Jacquelyn Holan, WIU-Quad Cities - Academic Advising
Barbara Ingledue, Bookstore
Mary Lawson, Financial Aid
Donald Little, University Housing & Dining Services
Molly Paccione, Non-Credit Programs
Becky Smith, Business Advising Center
Elaine Squier, Distance Education Support
Shirley Thurman, Admissions
Peggy Villwock, Center for International Studies
Lisa Waller, Physical Plant Vending Services
Karen Whalon, Agriculture

20 years
Dimitri Andrianacos, WIU-Quad Cities - Economics
Boyd Baker, Shannon Cramer, George Dranes, Beverly McIntyre, University Technology
Cecelia Benelli, Curriculum & Instruction
James M. Blaylock, Facility Planning & Construction
Lyman Boomer, Special Education
Carolyn Bowman, Center for International Studies
Donna Bradford, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals
Kenneth Brown, Garland Knott, Paul Lucas, Karl Yard, Building Mechanical Maintenance
Lynn Bryant, Janis Parrott, University Union- Administrative
Steven Cale, Kevin Hazell, Michael Couza, Christine Juneman, John Knox, Richard Leenerts, David Scheihing, Dennis Skripps, Robert Smith, Building Maintenance
Delbert Campbell, Larry Finch, Joe Morgan, Building Mechanical Maintenance
Kathy Chambers, Center for Application of Information Technology
Heidi Clemmens, Theatre & Dance
Brenda Crouse, Beu Health Center
Richard Crowl, Harold Feikert, David Flesner, Robert Ford, Edward Peters, Ernest Toland, Building Services
Hassanali Espahbodi, Accountancy
Marlene Forman, Provost & Academic Vice President

Ed Gettinger, Art
Karen Greathouse, Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising & Hospitality
John Gruidl, Institute for Rural Affairs
Georg Gunzenhauser,
WIU-Quad Cities - Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies
Bruce Harris, Instructional Design & Technology
David Haugen, Philosophy & Religious Studies
Elizabeth Hommel, Curriculum and Instruction
Mary Howe, Physical Plant-Administration
Jenq-Kuen Huang, Chemistry
Barbara Huff, Western Courier
Mary Jensen, Special Education
Joyce Johanson, Lynn Johanson, Center for Best Practices in Early Child Education
Rita King, Financial Aid
Alice Knapp, Visual Production Center
Marcy Koller, Beu Health Center
Laurence Leff, Computer Science
Reinhard Lindner, Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies
Gary Maguire, Accounting Office
Rebecca Mahr, Information Management & Decision Sciences
Jane May, Marketing & Finance
Kimberly McKee, Bookstore
Sandra McVey, Library
Linda Meloy, WIU-Quad Cities - Special Education
Mark Melvin, Landscape Maintenance
Catherine Moore, Foreign Languages & Literatures
Cheryl Nelson, Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center
Max Owsley, Heating Plant
Carol Pittman, Kinesiology
Christina Ramsey, Business Advising Center
Jane Roberts, Development Office
Linda Roberts, , International Non-Credit Program
Steven Rock, Economics
Roger Sadler, Broadcasting
Tracy Scott, Student Development & Orientation
Karen Sears, Psychology
L. Sue Shogren, Mathematics
Duane Sidwell, Bruce Smart, Landscape Maintenance
Sara Simonson, Curriculum & Instruction
John Stierman, Linda Wade, Library
Vicki Walters, Biological Sciences
Alfred Waters, Career Services
Mary Webster, University Union Service Center
Vicky Woolam, Payroll

15 years
David Aanenson, Laura Barden-Gabbei, Biological Sciences
Warren Abbot, Christopher Bell, Building Services
James Adams, Building Mechanical Maintenance
Diana Allen, Kathleen Balderson, English & Journalism
Mark Austin, University Relations
Candice Biswell, Instructional Design & Technology
Virginia Boynton, History
Keith Bruns, Brad Burt, Kenneth English, David Hainline, James Hall, Larry Litchfield, Building Maintenance
Kenneth Clontz, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
Thomas Cody, Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies
Susan Creasey, Rita Kaul, John Timmons, Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising & Hospitality
David Deboeuf, John Drea, Marketing & Finance
Patricia Dorman, Economics
Robert Eddington, Ronald Foster, Randy James, Sheri Johnson, Debra Klinedinst, Melvin Larson, James Palmer, Elizabeth Seals, Tammy Sinnett, Norvel Taite, Walter Thorpe, Kevin Wiley, Building Services
Robert Fitzgerald, Kalib McGruder, Trenton Robertson, Public Safety
Fetene Gebrewold, Health Sciences
Kevin Hall, Engineering Technology
Andrea Hanna, Curriculum & Instruction
Robin Hanna, Christopher Merrett, William Westerhold, Institute for Rural Affairs
Michael Hott, Facilities Planning & Construction
Cheryl Hutchins, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals
Jude Kiah, Bookstore and Go West Transit
Lisa Krieg, Vice President for Advancement and Public Services
Terra Litchfield, Amy Spelman, Alumni
Kathy Mayhugh, Agriculture
J. Gayle Mericle, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
Darlos Mummert, Special Education
Kathleen Neumann, Computer Science
Robert O'Bear, Accounting Office
James Patterson, WIU-Quad Cities - Management
Andria Potter, Business Advising Center
Miriam Satern, Kinesiology
Connie Scarbrough, Debora Wisslead, Development Office
Roderick Sharpe, Library
Teri Sikes, Administrative Information Management Systems
John M. Simmons, Purchasing Office
Mandeep Singh, Marketing & Finance
Gretchen Sullivan, Graduate Studies
Shanee Sullivan, Document & Publication Services
P. Lance Ternasky, College of Education & Human Services
Danny Terry, Agriculture
Rodney Walter, Management
John Wetterling, Heating Plant
Jody Young, Purchasing Office
Kenneth Zahnle, Educational/Public Service Radio

10 years
Bruce Ackers, Building Maintenance
Tawnya Adkins Covert, Heather L. McIlvaine-Newsad, Sociology & Anthropology
Matt Bean, Terry Chasteen, John Mindeman, Music
Sandra Blue, Georgia Icenogle, Billing & Receivables
Charles Bolton, Julie Schoonover, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals
Safoura Boukari, Alphonso Simpson Jr, Audrey Watkins, African American Studies
Suzanne Boussaard, Sharon Knight, Caryn Morgan, College of Arts & Sciences
William Brewer, Physical Plant
Linda Brines, Illinois Law Enforcement Executive Institute
Terri Brown, Wilbert Cole, Tyrone Coleman, Kenneth Dean, Brett Detrick, Larry Dickey, Sue Forman, Debra Harn, Chris Hicks, Angela Hyde, David Johnson, Jacqueline Lucas, Edward Peters Jr, Jeffrey Sivill, Lee Ann Smith, Pete Smith, Herbert Snowden, Jane Sprinkle, Gretchen Thurman, Linda Unger, Edward Vyhnanek Jr, Building Services
Amy Carr, Gordon Pettit, Philosophy & Religious Studies
Clara Carrigan, English & Journalism
Matthew Clark, Andrew Woerly, University Technology
Peter Cole, History
Lynda Conover, Special Education
William Cook, Charles Derry, University Libraries
Cabe Cordell, Physical Plant
Richard Denton, Building Mechanical Maintenance
Connie Dodson, Angela Veith, Graduate Studies
Jeffrey Engel, Eric Ribbens, Biological Sciences
Eva Fisher, Advising & Academic Support Center
Timothea Gentry, Donna Moore, Telecommunication
Binto George, Byoung Lee, Computer Science
Raymond Greene, Samuel Thompson, Geography
Jill Griffith, Tabitha Litman, Administrative Information Management Systems
Russell Hamm, Billing & Receivables
Pamela Hansen, Physical Plant- Administration
Jerrie Harris, Educational Leadership
Nathan Heidenreich, Television Services
Bonnie Helms, Lora Lidaywa, Purchasing Office
Michael Hodges, Electronic Student Services
William Howard, Art
Sean Jenkins, Biological Sciences
Lance Johnston, Parking Operations
Sujata Karkare, Beu Health Center
Sharon Keeling, Political Science
Ember Keithley, Business Advising Center
Jean Kenney, WIU-Quad Cities - Administration
Janice King, Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising & Hospitality
Tracy Knight, Psychology
Beverly Lawyer, Human Resources
Kerry Lemaster, President's Office
Jason Lytle, Stan Mercer, Tracy Slater, Public Safety
Robert Mann, Mathematics
Jill Marsack, Information Systems & Decision Sciences
Kyle Mayborn, Geology
Joyce McCormick, University Union Service Center
Lisa Miczo, Communication
Terry Mors, Judith Thompson, Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
Phillip Murphy, Curriculum & Instruction
Richard Ness, Broadcasting
G. Louann Norton, Registrar
Carla Oliver, Nancy Sprout, Athletics
John Owens, Golf Course
Carla Paciotto, Educational & Interdisciplinary Studies
Sandy Pendell, Infant & Preschool Center
Gregory Phelps, Library
Winthrop Phippen, Agriculture
Padmaja Pillutla, WIU Quad Cities- Business & Technology
Barbara Ribbens, Management
Mark Richardson, Accounting Office
Cheryl Rossio, Advising & Academic Support Center
Marie Royer, Curriculum & Instruction
Todd Schultze, Athletics
Kimberley Sedgwick, Trenton Sullivan, Document & Publication Services
Krista Skien, Admissions
Rachel Smith, Recreation Park & Tourism Administration
Frances Steward, Curriculum & Instruction
Richard Stults, Janelle Worthington, Financial Aid
Beverly Stuckwisch, Alumni
Shannon Sutton, Accounting Office
C. S'thembile West, Women's Studies
Christina Wherley, English & Journalism
Barbara Woolam, Educational Leadership

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