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From left to right: Danner, Clauson, Carle, Royer and Clark.
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WIU Employees Honored with Service Awards

May 2, 2011

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MACOMB, IL - - Six Western Illinois University employees were recognized for community service and commitment to the University during the annual Service Recognition Reception, held April 26 in the University Union Lamoine Room.

Community Service Award
This award recognizes exemplary volunteerism and/or outstanding service to any non-profit community organization(s) and is a reflection of one or more of WIU's core values of academic excellence, educational opportunity, personal growth and social responsibility. The honorees receive a certificate and a $250 honorarium funded by the Office of Foundation and Development recognizing their service to WIU.

Sam Danner, storekeeper in the Physical Plant

Danner, who has worked at WIU since 1996, is commander of the Macomb VFW and a member of the American Legion, and has held offices of commander and chaplain. He is an active member of the Veteran's Assistant Board, which sponsors and provides drivers for the van that travels to the Veteran's Hospital in Iowa City, helping his fellow veterans get to their medical appointments. According to his nominator, he also has assisted with a fundraiser for the Honor Flight Network, giving World War II veterans a paid trip to visit the WWII War Memorial in Washington, D.C. He is a member of a committee that is planning and fundraising for a memorial honoring veterans from the Blandinsville, Good Hope and Sciota area, and serves on the Honor Guard for area veterans' funerals. In addition, his nominator noted that Danner donates a U.S. flag to West Prairie High School annually.

In addition, he has been a member of the McDonough County Crime Stoppers for approximately 15 years; is a strong supporter of the Northwestern and West Prairie schools; and has been a Little League and Pony League coach.

"Sam is a caring and proud member of the WIU and McDonough County communities," stated his nominator.

Distinguished Service Award

This award honors an employee for unusual and significant contributions to his/her profession, organizational unit, or other areas within the University and is a reflection of one or more of WIU's core values. The honorees receive a certificate and a $250 honorarium funded by Human Resources recognizing their service to WIU.

Distinguished Service Award - (Civil Service classification)
-Margie Carle, office support specialist in the College of Business and Technology's dean's office;
-Kathleen Clauson, library operations associate in University Libraries;
-Clarene Royer, client relations representative in the Scholarship Office; and
-Karla White, an office support specialist in the Department of Educational Leadership.<

Carle, according to her nominator, "has provided excellent support to the CBT dean's office at Western Illinois University for the last 22 years. She goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that Stipes Hall is in tip-top shape. She is proactive with issues in the building, many times identifying the problems and getting them addressed before classes begin at 8 a.m. She works to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff by staying up-to-date on University policies and initiatives concerning the safety of the building's occupants."

Additionally, Carle was credited for her one-on-one assistance with students, faculty and prospective students, and supporting Western's core value of Educational Opportunity by facilitating the scholarship selection process for business and technology majors. "Through her years at WIU, it's impossible to count the hundreds of students that she has helped and mentored, either on the phone, via email, or in person. Margie's smile greets every student that walks into the dean's office. MBA students know that they can rely on her for quick answers to class schedules and helpful hints as they pursue their master's degrees. Her ability to answer most questions allows the MBA director and adviser to concentrate on their duties. She makes the dean's office in the College of Business and Technology run smoothly and efficiently."

came to WIU in 1999 as a coordinator of the Physical Sciences Library, and has developed and managed the chemistry and physics library collections, regularly providing scholarly reference assistance and individualized instruction to science faculty and students.

"Kathleen supports the WIU science faculty in all of their endeavors and takes an active role in strengthening the chemistry and physics departments," stated one nominator. "She works diligently to provide course-support materials and computer programs in the Physical Sciences Library. She frequently creates and sets up special displays and collection materials to support course offerings."

Clauson's nominators also credited her "extraordinary abilities and creative insights" in assisting Chemistry Professor Jenq-Kuen Huang with instruction and course design in the chemistry literature course for the past five years.

"Kathleen has also been extremely helpful to chemistry faculty in the development of both internal and external grant applications," noted one nominator. "With her assistance, our faculty have received funding for five external research grants from entities such as the National Cancer Institute."

In addition, she has helped with having special chemistry software loaded on computers in the Physical Sciences Library; working with students and faculty on lab reports, development of manuscripts for journal publication, and presentations to be made at local, state, and national conferences; and greeting prospective students and families in a cheerful and upbeat manner during Discover Western open houses.
"She plays so many important roles in the chemistry department that she is truly indispensible," her nominator said.

Royer was hired at WIU in 1998 and "serves on the front line for Western in working with students and their parents seeking scholarship support. This can be very stressful during these economic times, when it has become increasingly difficult for students to afford higher education," noted one nominator. "She handles phone calls and face-to-face meetings with students and families to discuss availability and criteria for scholarships and loans at Western. After longtime director Janice Owens retired, there was a three-month period before Terri Hare was named director. This came at the start of the spring semester, which is a particularly busy time, as students returning to school line the hallway waiting to get into the Scholarship Office to ask for financial support to help them get registered, or for books, or just to get through the semester. Clarene handled the situation on her own, with dignity and class during stressful times, and did a wonderful job."

Another nominator noted that, "in an era when email is the primary means of communication, Clarene bucks the system. If a student has not responded by the deadline for scholarship notification, rather than send an informal e-mail, she will make telephone calls from home in the evenings because that's the best time to reach the student and/or family. She has a very good relationship with our students. It's common to have alumni stop in the office just to see her and say hello."

, who has worked for WIU since 2004, serves as the doctoral program and Alternative Certification Initiative (ACI) program secretary, for which she is "consistently striving to determine new procedures that will enhance the reach and quality of the programs," stated one nominator. "She is a problem solver with excellent decision-making skills. Her style is open and welcoming. Many of the graduate students in the department's programs look to her as the first person to contact regarding their questions and concerns. She is positive and friendly, with an attitude that reflects her belief that any problem the student is facing can be worked out. When ACI students are asked to give feedback on strengths of the program, Karla's name is usually listed."

Another nominator, who is a doctoral student, noted that White is "extremely responsive to the needs and demands of post-graduate learners. She is sincerely interested in the students' success, and it is common to receive personal guidance or email directions from her outside of traditional office hours." Another doctoral student stated that, "As busy school administrators seeking to advance our education and leadership credentials, we have difficulty keeping track of all the details necessary to successfully navigate the program. Karla has been an essential component of support for us to advance towards degree completion. The fact that she is always willing to answer an email question, even after office hours, is especially helpful considering that many of us can only find time to work on our materials on weekends. She represents the University's mission in the most positive manner possible."

Distinguished Service Award -(Administrative level) -

Matthew Clark
, consultant, research and instruction in University Technology

Clark has worked at WIU since 2000. According to his nominator, he has helped establish the ability for faculty, staff and students to purchase discounted software from JourneyEd. In addition, he helped establish the UTech Apple store on campus, as well as a system of providing quotes that makes buying computers and printers easier to order and understand. He and others from University Technology and Electronic Student Services (ESS) assisted in the recent move to Memorial Hall to help create a successful transition. In addition, Clark works with many departments and technology areas on campus, and runs a group that meets once per month to share information and discuss technology issues on campus. Clark has also served on the Council of Administrative Personnel (COAP) executive committee for more than four years; contributes to the community as a Macomb school board member; and serves an auxiliary deputy for the McDonough County Sheriff's Department. His nominator noted, "There have been many changes in University Technology over the years, and he has taken on many additional duties."

Employee Years of Service Recognition

Employees with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and 35 years of service to WIU also were honored:

35 years
Sharon Brown, Libraries
Douglas March, Management and Marketing
Christina Noble, Administrative Information Management Systems

30 years

Lori Boyer, Dean, College of Business and Technology
Judith Dallinger, Provost and Academic Vice President
Mary Day, Libraries
Karen Hunt, Human Resources
Christopher Jagielo, Public Safety
Tej Kaul, Economics and Decision Sciences
Rhonda Kline, Institutional Research and Planning
Edward Knod, Management and Marketing
Joan McEneany, Admissions
Julie Murphy, Foundation and Development Office
Estelle Plewa, Advising and Academic Services Center
Mary Beth Smith, Art
Jeffrey Stockton, Campus Recreation
Becky Wayland, Counseling Center
Lawrence Welch, Mathematics
Laurie Woodrum, Beu Health Center
Judy Yeast, Campus Recreation

25 years

Kathy Barclay, Curriculum and Instruction
William Breckenridge, Building Mechanical Maintenance
James Courter, English and Journalism
Kim Curtis, Beu Health Center
Julie DeWees, Budget Office
Michael Dickson, University Technology
Nick DiGrino, Dean, College of Education and Human Services
Michael Ericson, Music
Scott Fisher, Building Services
Annette Hamm, Faculty Senate
Julie Hannen, Libraries
Jerry Hansen, English and Journalism
Carol Harper, Institute for Rural Affairs
Michael Hazlett, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Lisa Hinman, Business Services
Dean Howd, Libraries
Mary Hughes, Music
Larry Hunter, Physical Plant Stores
Michael Illovsky, Counseling Center
Sandra Larimer, Document and Publication Services
William Mason, Building Services
Cheryl Matteson, Music
Samuel Moran, Public Safety
Dallas Mowen, Administrative Information Management Systems
Cathy Onion, Management and Marketing
Brenda Parks, Administrative Information Management Systems
Mary Melissa Phillips, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals
Diane Sandage, Sociology and Anthropology
Timothy Sheridan, Student Judicial Programs
William Sibley, Libraries
Donald Randy Smith, Building Services
Tammy Thomas, Public Safety
Jennifer Tibbitts, Distance Education Support
Marlene Toland, History
Roger Vizdal, Document and Publication Services - Mail Services
Bonnie Wilson, Building Services
Robin Wilt, Student Insurance Administration
Jan Wys, Student Development and Orientation

20 Years

Janece Clough, Art
Kevin Downs, Building Maintenance
Timothy Engel, University Relations
Janet Fowler, Beu Health Center
Nathan Garlick, Public Safety
Diane Garlisch, Student Judicial Programs
Evelyn Hagan, Curriculum and Instruction
Joseph Hattaway, Bookstore
William Hoon, Broadcasting
Richard Janoski, WIU Quad Cities - Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Chrystal Johnson, Billing and Receivables
James Kenny, Management and Marketing
Peppi Kenny, Accountancy and Finance
Bill Knight Jr., English and Journalism
Ada Macias, Counseling Center
Mary Markert, Bookstore
Cynthia Moore, Telecommunications Services
Sue Myers, Bookstore
Catherine Null, College of Fine Arts and Communication
Donna Quesal, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Robert Quesal, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Danny Rittenhouse, Building Maintenance
Larry Schmitt, Building Maintenance
Patricia Shryack, Building Services
Jeanne Stierman, Libraries
Patrick St. John, Building Services
Rachel Sutton, Financial Aid
Richard Thorman, Landscape Maintenance
Ronald Toland, Building Maintenance
Susan Tygrett, Graduate Studies
Connie Van Dyke, Campus Recreation
John Wiorek, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration

15 years
Chris Adamski-Mietus, Sociology and Anthropology
Beverly Baker, University Technology
Benjamin Bishop, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals
Stephanie Bryan, Telecommunications Services
Mark Clark, Electronic Student Services
Michael Coleman, Building Mechanical Maintenance
Debra Danner, Dean, College of Education and Human Services
Samuel Danner, Physical Plant Stores
Jo Ann Davis, Management and Marketing
Janis Detrick, Telecommunications Services
Dennis DeVolder, Computer Sciences
Stephanie Dorsett, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals
Rebecca Ebey, Human Resources
Timothy Etter, Telecommunications Services
Angela Ferree, Curriculum and Instruction
Eric Ginsberg, Music
Margaret Hammond, Building Services
Karolynn Heuer, Student Assistance and Parent Services Center
Evelyn Hoing, Graduate Studies
Carles Hudson, Building Maintenance
Garrett Hunter, Engineering Technology
W. Randy Hyllegard II, Kinesiology
Paige Intrieri, Psychology
Janice Lattan, Western English as Second Language
Joan Livingston-Webber, English and Journalism
Mary Martin, University Technology
Patricia Mason, Admissions
Leslie Melim, Geology
Harold Miller, Building Services
Kimberly Moreno, WIU Quad Cities - Academic Advising
Rafael Obregon, Engineering Technology
Karen Peitzmeier, Institute for Rural Affairs
James Rabchuk, Physics
William Rehling, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Troy Rhoads, Building Mechanical Maintenance
Nancy Richbark, Television Services
Elwanda Scott, Financial Aid
David Steelman, Government Relations
Connie Smith, Business Services
Richard Swartz, Registrar
James Thompson, Music
Michael Thompson, Television Services
Rhonda Vail, Accounting Office
Lynne Wayne, Western English as Second Language
Curtis Williams, WIU Quad Cities - Admissions

10 years

Scott Adcock, Building Mechanical Maintenance
Cheryl Allison, Provost and Academic Vice President
Fedor Andreev, Mathematics
Gail Ault, Mathematics
Michele Aurand, Centennial Honors College
Diane Bagley, Center for Innovation in Teaching and Research
Tara Beal, Landscape Maintenance
Charles Becker, Landscape Maintenance
Joseph Bilotti, Health Sciences
Carolyn Blackinton, Theatre and Dance
Matthew Bonnan, Biological Sciences
Laurel Borgia, Curriculum and Instruction
Sherie Brigham, WIU Quad Cities - English and Journalism
Patricia Brown, Communication Sciences and Disorders
A. Collette Calkins, Computer Sciences
Clara Campbell, University Housing and Dining Services
Pamela Campbell, Curriculum and Instruction
Amy Chambers, Human Resources
Jongnam Choi, Geography
Jason Conner, Theatre and Dance
Craig Conrad, Management and Marketing
Joyce Crouse, Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising and Hospitality
Dianna Crum, Financial Aid
Susan Czechowski, Art
Gary Daytner, Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies
Katrina Daytner, Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies
Barbara De Renzy, Casa Latina
Mark Dial, Television Services
Michael Fansler, Music
Robert Fecht, Sociology and Anthropology
Thomas Ford, Administrative Information Management Systems
Richard Foster, Document and Publication Services - Mail Services
Connie Gentes, Billing and Receivables
Russell Glaue, Center for Application of Information Technology
Alda Godines, Casa Latina
Marcia Grzanich, Document and Publication Services - Mailing Services
Shirley Haworth, Libraries
Yuki Hasebe, Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies
Edward Heflin, Institute for Rural Affairs
Haley Hickenbottom, Libraries
Mary Christine Hollenback, Admissions
Jayne Jones, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Yeongkwun Kim, Computer Sciences
Jackie Koontz, Building Services
In Lee, Computer Sciences
Richard Iverson, Beu Health Center
Kelly Lemaire, Center for Application of Information Technology
Martin Maskarinec, Computer Sciences
Kenneth McCravy, Biological Sciences
Susan Meiers, Biological Sciences
Jeremy Merritt, University Technology
Nathan Miczo, Communication
Susan Moore, Health Sciences
Mark Mossman, English and Journalism
Donald Myers, Bookstore
Damon Page, Center for Application of Information Technology
Kathleen Peterson, Institute for Rural Affairs
William Pirtle, Building Maintenance
Andrew Potter, Office of Student Activities
Jacqlin Richmond, Center for Preparation of Education Professionals
Lisa Rutledge, Infant and Preschool Center and English and Journalism
Khaing Saw, College of Fine Arts and Communication
Vladimir Sergevnin, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Sharon Setser, Mathematics
Kimberly Sikes, Center for Application of Information Technology
Dawn Sweet, Dean, College of Education and Human Services
Walter Swiderski, Building Services
Vickie Tait, Building Services
William Thompson, Libraries
Neal Thurman, Building Services
Tim Van Alstine, Athletics
Susan Vaugh, Infant and Preschool Center
Jeff Wayland, Center for Application of Information Technology
Stephen Weaver, Building Services
Philip R. Weiss, Television Services
Jacquelin Wilson-Jordan, English and Journalism
Joani Wilson, Distance Education Support
Gregg Woodruff, Accountancy and Finance
Dana Workman, Registrar
Michael Yadgar, Television Services
Lyle Young, Building Services


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