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Herbicide Field Plot Tour June 23; WIU School of Ag to Present Herbicide Research Data

June 6, 2011

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MACOMB, IL -- Later this month, corn and soybean growers in west central Illinois can learn about the latest in weed-resistance research, thanks to the Western Illinois University School of Agriculture. The School of Ag's annual herbicide field plot tour is slated to start at 1 p.m. Thursday, June 23 at the WIU Agronomy Field Laboratory (located immediately north of WIU's Harry Mussatto Golf Course at 1215 Tower Road in Macomb). This year, lunch will be provided starting at 11 a.m., courtesy of Bayer Crop Sciences.

The field plot tour is open free to growers, as well as herbicide industry representatives and pesticide dealers. According to Gordon Roskamp, agriculture professor, the following timely topics will be discussed:

  • Weed resistance continues to be a growing concern. "Respect the Rotation" is a new initiative of Bayer Crop Sciences, Roskamp said. "Daren Bohannen, with Bayer Crop Sciences, will bring attendees up-to-date on the current status of weed resistance in the Midwest and strategies to protect growers' yields and herbicides."
  • Roskamp also noted that during the field plot tour event, Peter Scharf, professor in the plant sciences division at the University of Missouri, will present his findings regarding the benefits of late nitrogen applications to corn in wet years. "Dr. Scharf has been researching the environmental conditions in which significant denitrification occurs. He has made late applications of nitrogen and determined profitability; during the past two years, 'late N' has been proven to be profitable in many fields," he said.
  • Interest in cover crops is increasing for several reasons, Roskamp noted. WIU School of Agriculture Assistant Professor Joel Gruver -- who has researched various cover crops, determined their feasibility and has networked with other growers who use cover crops -- will discuss establishing cover crops and their benefits.
  • Mark Bernards, formerly with University of Nebraska and now with WIU, has conducted research on controlling winter annual weeds prior to planting corn and soybeans. "Competition from late applications of burndown herbicides has proven significant," Roskamp explained. "He will discuss his data on timing of burndown applications and implications for controlling cover crops."
  • Roskamp noted that BASF has been conducting field trials to "get the most out of each acre of soybeans." He noted that data proves that, on average, extra applications of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides yield profitable results. He noted that Lance Roskamp, a sales representative with BASF, will present some of that data.
  • The Illinois Soybean Association started its "Yield Challenge" in 2010. According to Roskamp, Jim Nelson with Seed Solutions will talk about some results of the Yield Challenge and encourage participation in future growing seasons. Nelson will also discuss non-GMO markets.
  • Dow AgroSciences has developed DHT corn and soybeans. "Courtney Gallup with Dow AgroSciences will discuss the availability of seed, as well as a new formulation of 2,4-D that is both efficacious and presents little drift hazard. In addition, Monsanto has developed dicamba soybeans. Chris Kamienski with Monsanto will discuss Monstano's progress and weed-control strategies to combat weed resistance," Roskamp said.
  • During the event, Roskamp will also discuss a new weed that is "showing up" across Illinois -- butterweed. "We'll discuss the biology of this weed and the use of fall herbicides to control this and other weeds to provide clean planting conditions into the growing season," he noted.

In addition to the above-listed topics and speakers, the herbicide field plot tour will feature more than 20 weed-control experiments established in no-till and mulch-till.

"New herbicides and new GMOs for weed science will be on display. Most of the current recommended weed-control programs are on display in fields with relatively heavy weed pressure," Roskamp added.

During this year's herbicide field plot tour, Roskamp also said that sales and product-development representatives will be on hand to discuss the latest information about current pests and strategies to control them while maximizing profits.

For more information, contact the WIU School of Agriculture at (309) 298-1080.

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