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About the WIU Food Pantry

Who We Are

We are a non-profit organization at Western Illinois University campus, which serves any student, staff, or faculty member. We distribute food, as well as personal care items to students and staff in need, at no cost.


The WIU Food Pantry was organized and established by Dietetics program students and staff on campus, beginning in late 2017. Over time, these student and staff members began to organize what is known today as the WIU Food Pantry.

The pantry officially opened on March 29, 2018. It started its operations at   the ticket booth off Murray Street next to Hanson Field and over time moved to Horrabin Hall. The daily operations of the pantry are run by the student organization - WIU Food Pantry. 

Operation Hours 

Thursdays: 12:00noon – 5:00pm

Saturdays:  10:00am   - 12:00pm


We are in partnerships with:


The mission of the WIU Food Pantry is to provide students and staff the opportunity to lead successful lives, while not having to worry about food insecurity. 


The WIU Food Pantry serves between fifty to one-hundred students and staff members per week. These numbers have been increasing since the opening of the pantry in March of 2018. The pantry continues to see an abundance of new patrons on a weekly basis, which is encouraging. Our goals are : 

  • To reach everyone on campus and provide help to those in need. If we can accomplish this, we can give the opportunity to lead successful lives to all students and staff at Western Illinois University. 
  • To form as many partnerships as possible within the Macomb community, and beyond and become closer to reaching everyone on campus and the community.
  • To aid our partners in attaining their goals of helping the Macomb community and others.