Office of Public Safety

Bicycle Regulations

I. State of Illinois Bicycle Laws and Regulations

  • An individual riding a bicycle upon a roadway shall be granted all the rights and shall be subject to all the laws covering the movement and operation of bicycles. Individuals must comply with Bicycle Rules of the Road as published by the State of Illinois.
  • Individuals operating a bicycle upon a roadway shall stop for arterial streets, and shall obey automatic traffic signals and all traffic signs.
  • Bicycles shall be ridden on the right side of the roadway as practicable, and due care shall be exercised when passing any vehicle or pedestrian.
  • Where a bicycle path has been provided adjacent to a roadway, bicycle riders shall use the path and not the roadway.
  • Bicycles should be walked when utilizing any sidewalk, lawn, or pedestrian path.
  • A bicycle shall not be ridden other than upon or astride a permanent and regular seat attached thereto.

II. Equipment on Bicycles

  • Bicycles used or operated at dusk or nighttime shall be equiped with lighting as required by Illinois state law.
  • All bicycles must display reflectors as required by state law.
  • Every bicycle shall be equipped with a brake enabling the operator to make a controlled stop.
  • Bicycles must be in safe operating condition when ridden and meet State of Illinois regulations.

III. General WIU Regulations

  • Western Illinois University assumes no responsibility for the care and protection of any bicycle or its contents while parked and/or operated on campus property.
  • These bicycle regulations are subject to change at any time through standard procedures.

IV. WIU Bicycle Registration

  • An individual must visibly display a WIU bicycle permit on the frame in order to rightfully park, operate, or use that bicycle on campus. Application instructions are on the permit. Upon completion of a registration form, permits may be obtained at Parking Services, Mobray Hall, or during special bicycle registration programs provided by the Office of Public Safety. Permits purchased before August 1, 2010 are permanent and need no renewal. Permits purchased since August 1, 2010 must be renewed annually.
  • The Office of Public Safety will provide an engraver to permanently engrave the individual's driver's license number on the bicycle frame for additional identification purposes.
  • If a bicycle is sold or otherwise disposed of, the permit must be removed and Public Safety notified to change registration records accordingly. If a bicycle is sold and the new owner will be using it on campus property, it must be registered by the new owner.
  • Any loss or theft of a bicycle should be reported immediately to the Office of Public Safety.
  • A permanent record of all bicycles registered will be maintained at the Office of Public Safety.

V. Parking of Bicycles

  • Bicycles must be parked only in designated bicycle parking areas.
  • No bicycle is to be positioned in any rack so as to obstruct normal usage for other bicycles.
  • Bicycles found improperly parked in the walkway, chained to trees or other vegetation, fences, doors, railings, inside buildings, or any other area not designated as bicycle parking may be ticketed and are subject to impoundment. If a bicycle is creating a hazard in any manner, it may be removed by the Office of Public Safety and impounded.
  • Any bicycle improperly parked or found abandoned will be held by Public Safety for a period of six months.

VI. Violations

  • No registration: $5.00*
  • Improper parking: $3.00
  • Reclaiming fees:
    $5.00 first 30 days.
    $20.00 after 30 days.

* One "No Registration" violation will be cleared if bike is registered within seven days.

VII. Appeals

  • Appeals for bicycle violations will follow the same procedure as motor vehicles and must be submitted to the Appeal Committee within seven (7) days from date of ticket issuance.
  • Appeal forms are available at Parking Services or the Office of Public Safety.
  • Ignorance of state or WIU bicycle regulations or laws will not be deemed a valid excuse for appeal purposes.

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