Student Learning Center

Why Tutoring?

Attending tutoring means you are investing time inside and outside the tutoring session in understanding the subject and implementing the critical thinking and problem-solving technique taught to you by the tutor.

There is no tutoring on days when WIU is closed and classes are not in session.  There is also no tutoring during final exam week.

Not all tutoring takes place through the Student Learning Center.  Please click here to see a list of departmental tutoring offerings.

How Does It Work?

Tutoring is FREE and conveniently offered in person on the Macomb campus at the Malpass Library (2nd floor) Monday through Thursday.

Tutoring hours can be walk in and/or virtual.  Please check in with the Tutor Greeter when you arrive and they will direct you to the appropriate tutor.  

Guaranteed Tutor sign up - you can schedule a guaranteed tutor for in-person tutoring or virtual tutoring (virtual tutoring is available for online only and QC students).  Tutoring is offered in 30 minunte increments.  If you would like to spend an hour with your tutor, please schedule back to back appointments.

**If you are a QC student and are interested in tutoring on the QC campus, please contact Curtis Williams

Tutoring Schedule and Instructions

  • Click here for Tutoring Schedule
  • Appointment Link for Guaranteed Tutor


Hours are Monday and Tuesday 5:00pm-10:00pm, Wednesday and Thursday 4:00pm-9:00pm 

Opportunity for in person and virtual tutoring during these times.


  • For free online and e-tutoring in writing, history, and political science, click here.

Supplies to Bring to a Tutoring Session

  • Pencils/pens and erasers
  • Paper
  • Course Notes
  • Textbook
  • Syllabus
  • Study guide/assignments
  • Calculator (for math courses)
  • Electronic device

Meet the Staff

Dr. Miguel Huerta - Director

Lisa Melz-Jennings - Tutor Coordinator

*Plus numerous tutors and greeters you will meet during your tutoring sessions!

Additional Resources

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