myID ID Card Services

Your Official University ID Card...

Your ID is your official university identification. Many departments use your ID as a means to grant access to their information and services. From the libraries using your ID to allow you to check out library books, to a teacher requiring to see your ID to take a test, to University Technology requiring it to allow you to purchase discounted software, your ID is a necessity of everyday campus life.

Always remember to carry your ID with you at all times.

Use your ID Card to...

 ...check-out books and materials from the Library.
...enter the Student Recreation Center.
 ...verify your identity when taking a test.
 ...enter WIU athletic events.


Students requesting service(s) that require proper identification (i.e. Meal Plan, Student Recreation Center, entrance to a athletic event, etc) must present a valid Western Illinois University ID in order to access desired service(s). Access and/or service may be denied if a valid University ID is not presented. Additionally, lending your ID card to anyone or failing to present it upon request is a violation of University regulations and subjects the holder to disciplinary action.

Students at an athletic event