Rocky Dollars and Meal Plan Comparison
 myID - I.D. Card Services Rocky Dollars Meal Plan
ON and OFF-CAMPUS Students,
& Faculty/Staff
ON-CAMPUS Students OFF-CAMPUS Students
Access plan using myID - I.D. Card Services
Flexible Eating Options: eat at any dining location on campus
"A la carte": pay for what you eat   • *
Vending Machines    
University Bookstore    
Required/Optional Optional Required: All on-campus students Optional
Cost $25 minimum per transaction
Cash, check or major credit card
Click here to view the rates page $100 minimum buy-in per year
Billed to University account
Managing your account: Adding money, etc. STARS
“UHDS: Add Meal Plan Money . . . ”
“UHDS: Add Meal Plan Money . . .
or by visiting the University Housing & Dining Services office in Seal Hall
Refunds 100% upon leaving the University None None

* When using your ID at campus dining locations, the cashier will automatically run your ID for your meal plan, unless you specify otherwise. If there is no balance on your meal plan, then it will be withdrawn from your Rocky Dollars account.