Campus Recreation

pool hot tub and climbing wall

Aquatics Center

The Aquatics Center is a fully accessible facility staffed with friendly, professional lifeguards who ensure a safe and positive aquatic environment. The facility includes a 25-yard, 6-lane pool, an 8-person hot tub, and adjacent locker rooms. Informal recreation activities such as water basketball, open swimming, aqua classes, and lap swimming are offered. The Aquatics Center provides a variety of water fitness equipment and is ADA compliant.

Please contact Contact Campus Recreation for more information about family swim and private rentals.

Pool Features: ADA lift accessible, average temperature 80-82° F, 4 feet to 12 feet deep

Hot Tub Features: ADA lift accessible, average temperature 103° F, maximum capacity - 8 people

Proper Swim Attire

For the comfort and safety of all guests, proper swimwear must be worn. Campus Recreation reserves the right to ask you to change or leave if not dressed appropriately.

Graphic of proper and improper swim attire

Swimwear Allowed
  • Board Shorts
  • One and Two Piece Swim Suits
  • Religious Swimwear
  • Short and Long Sleeved Rash Guards
  • Swim Diapers and Brief
  • Swim Jammers
  • Wetsuits
Swimwear Not Allowed
  • Athletic, Compression, Denim, and Running Shorts
  • Non-Swim Diapers
  • Non-Swim Shirts
  • Revealing Swimwear/Thongs
  • Sports Bra
  • Undergarments

Water Fitness Equipment

Aqua Barbell

Aqua Barbell: Provides flotation support while building upper body strength during aquatic fitness activities and recreational use.

Aqua Fins

Aqua Fins: Designed with a small blade that will allow you to sustain a longer workout without exhausting your leg muscles and will provide you with better propulsion.

Aqua Kickboard

Aqua Kickboard: Stay afloat and kick your way to a stronger lower body workout without the use of your arms.

Aqua Noodles

Aqua Noodles: Used in both deep and shallow water to keep your body afloat during exercise.

Buoyancy Belt

Buoyancy Belt: Keeps your body suspended in deep water so you can perform a variety of water aerobic exercises.

Pull Buoy

Pull Buoy: Isolates your upper body movement to develop technique, strength, and alignment during workouts.

Training Paddles

Training Paddles: Helps develop stroke technique and upper body strength. The square design allows more surface resistance for better training.