UHDS Admin

Our Mission

The mission of University Housing and Dining services is to provide safe, clean, well-maintained facilities, a creative, flexible dining program and residence hall and apartment environments that are stimulating and supportive of the academic mission of the university at the most competitive price possible.

Our Values


We are committed to creating communities that promote leadership and personal growth. As a staff we will work to create opportunities that will introduce students to a wide array of leadership experiences. We are committed to being partners with student leaders and seek to incorporate the voice of the students living on campus.


Our goal is to create environments where everyone is welcome. Success is a likely outcome when students engage in their environments. We facilitate community through orientation programs, socials, community meetings, special living options, group dining opportunities, community service projects, and informal faculty interaction.


Learning at WIU is encompassed in all aspects of the University community. The residence hall and apartment environments support the academic goals of our students by providing opportunities to address important issues, try new ideas, and find meaning in the everyday choices they make. The residence hall staff provides educational programs, opportunities to interact with faculty, and informative bulletin boards. We also provide state-of-the-art computer labs and classes which are held right in the residence halls.


It is important that we challenge ourselves to find more efficient ways to provide a quality housing experience. With that in mind, we listen and respond to student feedback, to the results of environmental and satisfaction surveys, and to informal ideas raised by our customers.

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