WIU GIS Center

The WIU GIS Center, housed in the Department of Geography serves the McDonough County GIS Consortium: a partnership between the City of Macomb, McDonough County, and Western Illinois University. Housed on the third floor of Tillman Hall on the WIU campus, the Center is responsible for compiling, managing and storing GIS data layers for the Consortium. The Center has completed GIS and GPS work for various federal, state, and local entities, has partnered with WIU faculty members on research projects, and provides hands-on GIS and GPS training for Western Illinois University students.

Chad Sperry, serves as the Director of the GIS Center.

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McDonough County GIS Consortium Partners

Seal of McDonough County.
Seal of the City of Macomb.
Western Illinois University


Contact Information
GIS Center
Tillman Hall 303& 305
Department of Geography
Western Illinois University
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL 61455-1390
Phone: 309.298.1648
Fax: 309.298.3003
email: GISCenter@wiu.edu | Web: www.wiu.edu/GISCenter