GIS Center

Faculty Associates at the GIS Center include the following faculty members at Western Illinois University.  If you are interested in participating in the Faculty Associates Program contact Chad Sperry


Dr. Christopher Sutton, Department of Geography (Cartography, Geovisualization)

Dr. Yongxin Deng, Department of Geography (Modeling)

Ms. Linda Zellmer, Library (Historic GIS)

Dr. Rob Porter, Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration (Recreational GIS)

Dr. Samuel Thompson, Department of Geography (Planning)

Dr. Fuyuan Liang, Department of Geography (Remote Sensing)

Dr. Steve Bennett, Department of Geology (Hydrogeology)

Dr. Daniel Atherton, School of Agriculture (Precision Ag, Remote Sensing)

Dr. Mark BernardSchool of Agriculture (Precision Ag)

Dr. Kevin Hall, Department of Engineering Technology (Computer Aided Design - CAD)