Board of Trustees

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Approved: November 16, 2001
Section VI. Physical Facilities
Subsection: A. Use of University Facilities

The University shall develop policies concerning the use of University facilities. The policies and any changes shall become effective when approved by the President.

The policies shall include the following provisions and such other provisions as are necessary and appropriate:

  1. Protection of the right of free speech, subject to reasonable limitations on the time, place, and manner of exercise of that right.
  2. Restriction of the use of University facilities to events and meetings sponsored by (a) University groups and organizations, (b) non-University groups and organizations, (c) individuals. University facilities may be used by individuals or non-University groups and organizations only when the event or meeting is of educational, cultural, or social significance or serves the general community welfare. Use of University facilities for official activities or by University groups and organizations shall have priority over use by individuals or non-University groups and organizations.
  3. Prohibition of fund raisers, canvassers, solicitors, vendors, and their agents from pursuing their occupations on University property except on official University business or in accordance with approved University regulations.
  4. Provisions concerning compliance by individuals, groups, and organizations using University facilities with University requirements regarding insurance to protect the Board, its members, and employees.