College of Arts and Sciences

Spring 2010 Awards & Scholarships

The Department of English and Journalism held its 2010 Awards Night on Wednesday, April 28, 2010 at 4:30 p.m. in the Multicultural Center Activity Room, announcing the winners of twenty-six awards from all areas of the program. Students selected for over $5,000 in scholarships were also honored. We thank all the students, family, faculty and staff who participated, including the faculty and staff who judged award applications.

Congratulations to all the award and scholarship winners!

Department Awards & Scholarships
  • Department Scholar of the Year Award - Kaley Rowe
  • Departmental Scholars - Kristen Dragos (English) & Lauren Finkler (Journalism)
  • Dameris Bagwell Memorial Scholarship - Tristen Johnson
  • Barbara and John Blackburn Scholarship - James Taylor
  • Dr. Paul Blackford British Literature Scholarship - Nicole Raddatz
  • Dr. Olive Fite American Literature Scholarship - Caitlin Barrett
  • Dr. Irving Garwood Scholarship - Matthew Hamilton
  • Lila S. Linder English Scholarships - Eric Anerino & Paige Brinkmann
  • Alfred J. Lindsey Memorial Scholarship - Christine Jach
  • John Merrett Scholarship in British Literature - Jessica Scadden
  • Nai-Tung Ting English Scholarship - Jessica Morton
  • Wanninger Foundation Scholarship - Adam Brown
Journalism Awards

Best In-Class Writing in Journalism

  • First place: Ed Komenda
  • Second place: Corvales Crant
  • Third place: Marquita Berry

Best In-Class Graphics Work in Journalism

  • First place: Tim Stathis
  • Second place: Melissa Ballano
  • Third place: Kaley Rowe
Graduate Program Awards & Fellowships
  • Syndy M. Conger Essay Award - Jessica Morton
  • Ron and Leslie Walker Writing Studies - Jessica Morton
  • Ron and Leslie Walker Literary Studies - Christopher Rose
Bruce H. Leland Essay Contest

Eng 100, Introduction to Writing

  • First place: Martina Rodgers
  • Second place: Robin Jackson
  • Third place: Gianna Russo

Eng 180, College Writing I

  • First place: Geoff Norfleet
  • Second place: Cody Brant
  • Third place: Jennifer Shackelford

Eng 280, College Writing II

  • First place: Diana Lozowska
  • Second place: Amber Simmons
  • Third place: Jackson Courter


Creative Writing Awards

Cordell Larner Award: Fiction

  • First place: Jeremy Jasper
  • Second place: Mark Piekos
  • Third place: Ryan Roby

Lois C. Bruner Literary Nonfiction Award

  • First place: Juliene Soltwisch
  • Second place: Matthew Hamilton
  • Third place: Jeremy Jasper

Cordell Larner Award: Poetry

  • First place: Dustin Burnaugh
  • Second place: Adam Brown
  • Third place: Kyle Furlane