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Prof. Roger Viadero, Jr. 

Board Certified Environmental Engineering Member (BCEEM)American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists
Certified Senior Ecologist (CSE)Ecological Society of America 

Director, Institute for Environmental Studies
Chair, Environmental Science Ph.D. Program

October 2022, a new paper - Assessing the Westward Diversion of Mississippi River Water to Refill Lake Powell and Mead

Learn more about a recently revived proposal to divert water from the Mississippi River to help meet the water needs of the Lower Colorado River Basin.  Read more here

About Me ...

At WIU, I direct the Institute for Environmental Studies (IES) and am Chair of Western’s interdisciplinary Ph.D. program in Environmental Science.

My work bridges the gap between environmental engineering and environmental science/ecology.  For over 20 years, I’ve designed, conducted, and led large-scale environmental assessments that involve stakeholders from a variety of academic, regulatory, and nongovernmental organizations.  My goal is to integrate extensive field investigations with laboratory studies and modeling to develop remediation approaches that result in lasting improvements to the quality and resilience of natural aquatic systems.  Due to the scope of these topics, I typically work with a multidisciplinary team of biologists, engineers, geographers, geologists, and planners, among others.

In addition to my position at Western, I’ve served as the President of the Aquacultural Engineering Society (AES) and continue to serve on the editorial board of the Journal of Aquacultural Engineering.  I was also the panel manager for the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Aquaculture Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program.

Since my work cuts across several traditional academic disciplines, I've found that it's important to establish and maintain professional credentials that complement my education; to that end, I'm a Board Certified Environmental Engineering Member (BCEEM) of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists (AAEES) and an Ecological Society of America Certified Senior Ecologist (CSE).

My Recent Work ...

Take a minute to learn about our new water level sensor systems which were provided by the Moline Conservation Club.  These systems are solar-powered and are controlled via a 4G cell signal.  This allows us to monitor water levels and the microclimate in the vicinity of the sensors on a 24-7 basis!

Installing the senors -

Water level monitoring - 5 inches of rain over 24 hours -

Recent Publications ...

Hunt, J., Rehbein, M., Viadero, R. and C. MIller. “Distribution of Invasive Aedes Mosquitoes in Western Illinois, 2014-2018: First Records for Aedes japonicus and Aedes albopictus,”   Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association , submitted October 2022 (manuscript number 22-7105).

Singh, A. and R. Viadero (2022). “­Environmental Impact of the Historical Slag Pile in Davenport, Iowa, USA: Trace Metal Contamination in Soils and Terrestrial Vegetation,” Journal of Soil and Water Conservation , 77(4), 365-371,

Rehbein, M., and R. Viadero (2021). “A New Record of Uranotaneia Sapphirina and Aedes Japonicus in Lee and Oogle Counties, Illinois,”  Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association , 37 (4), 280-282.

Viadero, R., Zhang, S., Hu, X., and X, Wei (2020). “Mine drainage: Remediation Technology and Resource Recovery,” Water Environment Research , 92 (10), 1533 - 1540.

Kang, R., Chacko, E., Kaur, D., and R. Viadero (2019).  “Silting Patterns in the Reservoirs of Small- and Medium-Sized Earthen Check Dams in Humid Subtropical Monsoon Regions,”  Earth Surface Processes and Landforms , 44 (13), 2638-2648.

Viadero, R. (2019). “Principles of Gas Solubility in Water: Henry’s Law,” in Encyclopedia of Water: Science, Technology, and Science, Part 1: Fundamentals of Water, Chemistry, Particles, and Ecology , Patricia Maurice, Ed., John Wiley and Sons, NY, 175-182. INVITED

Viadero, R. (2019). “The Geochemistry of Acid Mine Drainage,” in Encyclopedia of Water: Science, Technology, and Science, Part 1: Fundamentals of Water, Chemistry, Particles, and Ecology , Patricia Maurice, Ed., John Wiley and Sons, NY, 191-198. INVITED

Viadero, R. (2019). “Water Quality Factors Affecting Fish Growth and Production,” in Encyclopedia of Water: Science, Technology, and Science, Part 1: Fundamentals of Water, Chemistry, Particles, and Ecology , Patricia Maurice, Ed., John Wiley and Sons, NY, 547-556. INVITED

Where I work ...

Take a minute to browse the map to see where my students and I work.  Click on the placemarks to see pictures of each site.

 What I Teach ...

ENVR 401, Colloquium on Environmental Studies

GEOG 510, Environmental Impact Assessment

GEOG 609, GIS Research and Application Methods

ENVR 675, Assessment and Management of Low Order Alluvial Stream Channels

ENVR 730, Environmental Systems

ENVR 750, Integrated Environmental Decision Making

Interested in what we do in class?  See the video for highlights of fieldwork from a course on low-order alluvial channels.

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I spend time at both WIU campuses and in the field, so the best way to get in touch with me is via email at Otherwise, my mailing addresses on the Macomb and Quad Cities campuses are:

Western Illinois University
Institute for Environmental Studies, Tillman Hall 301
1 University Circle
Macomb, IL, 61455

Western Illinois University-Quad Cities
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