School of Computer Sciences

About the School of Computer Sciences

Welcome to the School of Computer Sciences at Western Illinois University. Our mission is to provide our students with an exceptional and comprehensive education in computer science, cyber security, information systems, and other associated professional disciplines.

Our graduates enjoy a wide range of exciting and interesting careers as systems analyst, database administrators, network administrators, operating systems programmers, software engineers, web software developers, network analysts, LAN specialists, distributed systems analysts, telecommunications analysts, and systems security administrators.

Why Choose Computer Science at WIU?

Our students have access to leading-edge computing technology in the School of Computer Sciences. You will gain experience on a variety of computing equipment.

  • Laboratories full of the latest microcomputers from Dell and Apple
  • A networking laboratory with CISCO networking equipment
  • Enterprise-class computers from SUN Microsystems
  • A large IBM Mainframe

With the experience you'll gain at WIU, you'll be well equipped to make key technology decisions during your working career.

Our faculty have a variety of experience, degrees, and research interests. At WIU, you will learn from experts in artificial intelligence, computer architecture, computer graphics, computer languages, databases, distributed processing, networking, simulation, and software engineering.

Quick Facts