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Elementary Education Graduate Program

The graduate program in elementary education offers candidates the opportunities to fulfill the following goals:

*    Demonstrate an understanding of the wide range of student diversity and of instructional strategies for promoting the achievement of all students.

*    Manage, monitor, and assess student learning.

*    Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of the subject they teach and how to teach those subjects to students.

*    Synthesize educational research and policies to demonstrate capability in taking leadership or advocacy roles in schools or programs.

*     Apply theoretical and research knowledge to sound reflective practice in early childhood, elementary, and/or middle level settings.

*     Work collaboratively with families, other professionals, and the community.


The Graduate Elementary Education program does not lead to teacher certification and is designed for individuals who already have earned a teaching certificate. Candidates who are not certified teachers must have a bachelors degree in child development or a closely related field and complete an interview, which will provide the basis for acceptance or non-acceptance. All candidates are required to teach children/students during the capstone course.