Curriculum and Instruction

Program Requirements of the Elementary Education Graduate Program

Core Requirements (12 SH)

EIS 500 Methods of Research

C&I 574 Assessment and Differentiation of Instruction

ELED 566 Recent Trends and Research in Elementary Education




EIS 500 Methods of Research

ECH 474G Early Childhood Assessment

ECH 539 Curriculum in Early Childhood Education

ECH 565 Seminar in Early Childhood Education




*One of the following capstone options:

C&I 600 Graduate Seminar

ECH 603 Research in Early Childhood Education

MATH 607 Practicum in Mathematics Education

SCED 602 Practicum in Science Education


*Admission to capstone courses includes the following prerequisites:

24 semester hours in graduate work to include EIS 500, C&I 574, and ELED 566 for Elementary Education candidates or EIS 500, ECH 474G and ECH 539 for Early Childhood candidates.

Area of Specialization (12 SH)

Courses selected with advisor approval

Electives (6 SH)

Courses selected with advisor approval


The total hours for the Master of Science in Education Degree is 30.

The graduate program in Elementary Education does not lead to teacher certification.  Questions concerning certification should be directed to the University Certification Officer at (309) 298-1434.  Please see the Graduate Catalog for prerequisites for all courses.