College of Education & Human Services

Eric C. Sheffield, Ph.D.

Eric C. Sheffield, Ph.D.

Director, School of Education
Professor, Social Foundations

Office: Horrabin Hall 115V
Phone: 309-298-1183

Curriculum Vitae

I am the Director of the School of Education here at Western Illinois University and hold the rank of professor. My professional evolution has been informed by my personal history as a high school English teacher, social foundations professor/scholar, and now administrator. Prior to coming to higher education, I taught high school English (14 years) in Putnam County Florida. Upon (finally) finishing my P.h.D at the University of Florida, I was hired by Southwest Missouri State University—now Missouri State University (MSU)—where I taught social foundations courses and served as a graduate degree program coordinator. Following my time at MSU (another 14 years in length), I landed here at Western Illinois University as department chair in the summer of 2017. My research interests include community service learning, philosophy of education, democratic education, dystopian educational theory, and love…among other educational matters.