College of Education & Human Services

Admission Process

Step 1 – Application to the School of Graduate Studies

Please complete the Application for Admission to the WIU School of Graduate Studies before continuing with the department application.

Step 2 – Application to the Master of Science in Education (M.S. Ed.) in Educational Leadership Program

Application Guide (pdf)

*This document was prepared by the Department of Educational Studies at Western Illinois University for your use in applying to the WIU Principal Preparation Program. Included is information on the application process, forms that are required, and instructions for the completion of the forms.

The documents are to be completed and returned to the Department of Educational Studies. When your completed application materials and letter of acceptance from the School of Graduate Studies are received in the department, you will be contacted regarding the screening process.

Step 3 – Screening for Applicants

Please observe the rubrics included in the Application Guide and the Portfolio Guide to prepare for the screening and interview portions of the admission process.

Portfolio Guide (pdf)

Upon notification to the Educational Studies office that you have been accepted into the Graduate School and your application is complete, you will be invited to schedule a screening appointment. The screening consists of a structured interview and a writing test.

Step 4 – Completion of EDL 500 and EDL 504 as First Classes

Applicants receiving the highest scores during the screening process will be invited to enroll in the first two classes of the program, EDL 500 and EDL 504. These courses will be taken in the same semester, one following the other. These courses will require six weekends of class in the same semester. Students must receive a grade of "B" or better in these courses to be admitted into the program.

Step 5 – Formal Admission into the EDL Program

Upon successful completion of EDL 500 and EDL 504 and recommendation from the instructors of these classes, students will be formally admitted into the program by action of the Graduate Committee. Students will then be permitted to select other EDL course offerings to complete their program.

Graduate Program Information