College of Education & Human Services

English Language Learner (ELL)

You are registered for the English Language Learner -  English Language Learners 2016-17 .
Any questions or concerns should be emailed to Debbie Danner

  1. When you receive the confirmation email, you will be able to access the ELL modules from your Western Online account.
  2. Go to Western Online (
    1. Login with your ecom user name and password
    2. Notice you now have a new course titled ELL 2016-17 Session. 
    3. Click the course to begin your ELL Experience
    4. Click the START HERE link to begin the course. 

Completing the ELL

  • Read the material, preview the videos and explore the URLs provided in each of the FOUR lessons. The more time you spend in the module, the easier it will be to pass the quizzes. 
  • Take all FOUR quizzes. You must pass each one with a 100%.
  • You may retake each quiz until you pass with a 100%. (NOTE: If you are having difficulty passing the quiz it is suggested that you return to the lesson and preview the material you are not understanding.) 
  • All grade are recorded in your Western Online Gradebook.
  • You must pass the ELL Module (ALL FOUR lessons) with a 100%. 

NOTE: You will find a Study Guide in the overview of each Lesson. These Study Guides will cover all of the material on the end of Lesson Quizzes. It is strongly suggested that you complete the Study Guides as you go through each Lesson. Click HERE to Download the Study Guide for all FOUR Lesson Quizzes.