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Quick Tips To Get Started!

Activate Your WIU Email Account: Email is the official mode of communication for the University so while you are in the zone, add your WIU email account to your mobile device so that you don't miss a message from your professors, classmates, or university offices. (Grades, change of location for a class or meeting, club meetings, events and free food!) Click here to get started.

Follow Your Major On Social Media: In addition to your email, check out the social media accounts for your major and departmental student club to stay current on what is happening and what is in store for you in the future (i.e. internship sites, scholarships, etc.) Click here to view the WIU social media directory.

Check Out These University Resources: A large part of being successful is knowing where to find important information. Click her for an overview list of some of the impactful offices and resources students may find helpful.

Set Up A Guest Account In STARS (families): Ask your WIU student to log in and authorize your access to their STARS account (WIU's database) so that you can check on their course schedule, account balance, financial aid, grades, and so much more. Click here to get started.

Mark Your Calendar: Planning for your travels between home and campus, a family vacation, a weekend getaway? There are several resources to help you make sure that your plans and attending classes are not in conflict with each other! Click here to view the academic calendar for 2024-2025 and note the important dates such as University closure, breaks, first and last days to register for classes. Plan to attend all of your classes each week including mid-terms and finals by purchasing transportation tickets (advanced purchase gets you the best price and most flexible schedule) or arrange carpools to accommodate your course schedule. Being present in class everyday is critical for your academic success! (Note that your final exam is NOT held during regular class time. The University uses a different schedule for final exams so be sure to check your syllbus for that information in each of your courses every semester.)

Ask A Leatherneck: 25 videos ranging between 2-4 minutes and focusing on quick answers to common questions and tips for success on our campus, including videos like GPA Calculator and using your WIU Google Calendar . Click here to view the entire playlist.

Leatherneck LaunchPad: Slightly longer videos, randing from 2-7 minutes, taking a deeper dive into specific resources and content. Topics amoung these 15 videos include Paying for College and Transfer Insights . Click here to view the entire playlist.


Tips From Our Students

One hundred ninty six (196) College of Education & Human Services (COEHS) majors shared with us their insights on how to be successful, and their feedback is gold.

1. Be Invested!

You can complete college in two ways -- do the bare minumum and walk across the stage to get your diploma or view your time at WIU as an executive training course preparing you for a future profession. By choosing the second option, you will leave Western will skills, knowledge, tools, and resources to launch and sustain your career. It all starts with goal setting.

  • Academic
  • Professional
  • Personal Growth
  • Building Your Team (more about this below)
2. Build Your Team

A.K.A. personal board of directors, building a network, friendmaking, and creating a community. Whatever phrase you select, surround yourself with folks who will support and raise your goals - as the common phrase goes "you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" coined by Jim Rohn. Click here to learn more.

Here are some ways to get started building your team!

  • Join a student club in your major
  • Ask for advice from a professors, upperclassmen, or advisor
  • Help another student in my major to be successful
  • Talk to classmates before and after class
  • Congratulate a classmate when they accomplish something inside or outside of the classroom
  • Form a study group
  • Compliment a classmate on something you notice - organizational skills, cool sneakers, contributions to the the class discussion, neat water bottle, etc.
3. Care For Yourself

Of course you know much about taking care of yourself already AND there will be new resources and tools to utilize at WIU and the surrounds area.

  • Nature spots like parks, lakes (with kayaks and pontoons), and hiking trails
  • Coffee shops and restaurants to explore
  • Wellness Dogs visit campus several times each semester
  • Student clubs host their own wellness events
  • Rec Center events on campus like Zumba, workout facilities, and intramural sports
  • WIU Counseling Center for appointments and small-group discussions
  • Social, fine art, and cultural events on campus!
  • Personalizing your room in the residence halls or apartment!
  • Friendships and family relationship at home
  • Remember to invest time into building new friendships at WIU