College of Education & Human Services

Destined for Success

Faculty, academic advisors, Student Advisory Board, classmates, staff, internships and practicum supervisors, student organization advisors, and Alumni Advisory Board are investing their time, expertise, energy, and resources into creating a meaningful university experience for you. Through these sources and student surveys, you shared with us a list of resources that you need to succeed -- and we've been busy putting them into place.

  • Student Retention Fund to provide support when a small amount of money stands between you and graduation
  • Holistic wellness support to help you identify, experience, and impement resources for navigating a complex world today and in the future as as you continue in professions that serve and help others
  • Professional growth programming to develop practical skills for leadership, career path planning, and organizational mangement
  • Community gatherings to connect with your undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral student peers

With your determination and our resources,  success is the only option in the College of Education & Human Services!

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Check It Out! 

Wednesday, September 13: SANE (Student Organization for Nutrition Education)

Join fellow dietetics students at 4:00 pm on the 4th floor of the Library to learn more about your career options, gain experience (and community service hours), and meeting others in your major.  We also open our group to other majors who are interested in nutrition and dietics topics!

Contact Ashley Bowles ( or Olivia Semande ( with questions