Educational Studies




         Mid-Western Educational Researcher

                  Co-Managing Editors:  Debra Miretzky and Sharon Stevens

                  Editors:  Krista Bowers-Sharpe, Mahrya Carncross, Chase Catalano
The Mid-Western Researcher is a peer reviewed open access scholarly journal
publishes qualitative and quantiative research articles examining educational
issues and practices, book and media reviews, commentaries, and other works
that addresses areas such as mentorship and teacher research.   The MWER 
(ISSN 1056-3887) is published quarterly.  The Mid-Western  Educational
Research Association
 through Western Illinois University.   It began publication
in 1988 and moved to an online format in 2012. 
 Critical Questions in Education

               Critical Questions in Education

                           Founding Editor:  Eric C. Sheffield

                           Associate Editor:  Jessica A. Heybach
Critical Questions in Education is sponsored by the Academy for Educational
Studies.  The aim of this national double blind peer-reviewed on-line journal is
to provide educators at all levels a space in which timely or timeless questions
about educational policy and practice might be addressed.  More particularly, 
Critical Questions in Education invites manuscripts that critically address issues
of policy and practice from a generally foundational perspective including, but
not limited to, economic, historical, pedagogical, philosophical, psychological,
and sociological analyses.   In addition to original manuscripts, we also invite
critical reviews of newly published books and films that address critical
educational issues and proposals for special  theme issues to be published once annually.

                    Thresholds in Education

                                    Managing Editor:  Eric C. Sheffield
Thresholds in Education , now an open access online scholarly journal, is
dedicated the philosophical exploration of programmatic, pedagogical, and
curricular renovation as well as  new education inquiries, theories, and viewpoints. Thresholds is a space for authors to engage the philosophical
method not only to provide constructive critique of extant policy and practice
in education but also to explore fresh ideas and viewpoints that will lay the                     foundation for innovative and critically oriented schools of the future.

spotlight on research

           Spotlight on Research

                    Editor:  Bridget Z. Sheng

                   Spotlight on Research  is a publication of the Educational Studies Department at                                          Western Illinois University that highlights important research projects conducted                                          by graduate students in the department.