College of Education & Human Services

Frequently Asked Questions

What services does CSMMD offer?

Our goal is to stimulate dialogue, to critically examine and promote emerging scholarship, and to encourage purposeful interventions that effectively promote men’s development in a manner congruent with men’s and women’s mutual liberation.  Right now, for example, we are working with Monmouth College to design a plan for male retention and promoting men's success.  Last semester we conducted research in conjunction with the WIU Relationship Violence Committee and Dr. Hetzel-Riggin’s Department of Justice Grant.  We also have been consulting with various campuses, providing workshops, writing grants, and developing relationships with various organizations and key people.  We are developing plans of action toward the enrollment and retention of men from underrepresented backgrounds and military veterans.  We implement our services according to the needs of our communities.  We are advising on the creation of campus men’s groups dedicated towardadvocating non-violence.