Educational Studies




Students matriculating into the program beginning in the Fall 2017 semester:

 At 9-15 hours, student meets with their assigned EIS Graduate Advisor and completes the degree plan form –this is a required form, which must be completed. The degree plan form will list all courses the student will take to complete the ES degree.

 While completing the degree plan, the student discusses the culminating project [either Thesis or Applied Project] with their ES Graduate Advisor and decides which culminating project is appropriate for their educational objectives.

 Student indicates on degree plan which culminating project student chooses:

 – if student chooses Thesis, student must select an ES faculty member for the Thesis Chair.  Student must contact the ES faculty member and see if they will agree to supervise the Thesis. Student then puts name of Thesis Chair on degree plan.

-if student chooses Applied Project, they must also contact an ES faculty member and see if they will agree to be the Applied Project Chair, but they do not have to put the name on the degree plan form.