College of Education & Human Services

COEHS Dean's Nontraditional Scholarship

This is a general scholarship fund for the College of Education and Human Services.  Many scholarships require or advantage students with many extra-curricular activities.  Single or married individuals-especially parents-returning to school and working full or part time do not have the same opportunities to devote to campus or service groups.  These individuals have difficulty competing with full-time, "traditional" students.  This scholarship addresses the need of this increasing population of students.

CRITERIA:   To be eligible for this scholarship, a student must have:

  • 3.0/4.0 GPA
  • Financial need
  • Nontraditional undergraduate or graduate student (i.e., over age 25; has worked/is working full time job either in or outside the home OR is a parent working part-time/studying part-time)
  • Major in a department with COEHS
  • Preference given to students who are not receiving a tuition waiver

TERMS:   $500 the first year, renewal with maintenance of 3.00 GPA

SELECTION PROCESS:   Final selection will be made by the Scholarship Committee of the College of Education and Human Services.


INQUIRIES SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO:  Suzanne Woodward, Dean's Office,  College of Education and Human Services,  Western Illinois University,  Horrabin Hall 117,  Macomb, IL  61455-1390, 309-298-1690.