Department of Art

Safety Policy



Safety Procedures


The safe operation of equipment and the proper handling of all materials is the responsibility of every individual in the Department of Art. Faculty, staff and students have the responsibility to maintain safe practices at all times.


Every individual in the department has the right to work in a safe and secure environment and has the responsibility to report to the faculty or department chair any concerns about safety or the handling of hazardous chemicals.


Material Safety Data Sheets


The Department of Art maintains Materials Safety Data Sheets on all chemicals in each studio. A master list of MSDS files can be found in the department office in a red and yellow notebook. These are open files for anyone wanting information about the safe handling of chemicals. The department secretary or chair can provide assistance in accessing this information.


Studio Safety Procedures


Students taking studio classes will receive information and instruction from the instructor concerning specific safety practices for each studio course. A departmental safety booklet is provided to all faculty and students as an overview to the safety practices that are applicable to all situations in the department. Students and faculty should thoroughly familiarize themselves with the information provided in this booklet. Instructors and staff observing unsafe practices will request the student suspend the activity until the unsafe situation is corrected.


The following Art Safety Video, and the Safety Guidelines are offered to help facilitate a safe and secure environment within the Department.


Art Safety Training



Safety Guidelines



Safety Resources


As part of their education, students should become familiar with a variety of the safety resources to be found on the web: