WIU Choirs

Open to all WIU students!

University Singers MUS 106

Tuesday, January 19, 2016  Sallee 200 (Dr. Stegall's Office)

Auditions times begin noon and conclude at 5:00p.

An Audition Sign-up Sheet will be located at Sallee 200 and available by final exams week Fall 2015.

University Singers MUS 106 meets MWF from 1p to 1:50p AND TTh from 12:30p to 1:45p in Browne 130

On the day of the audition...

1.  Make sure you have signed for an audition time.

2.  Fill out an audition form located on the table outside Sallee 200 and bring to your audition.

3.  Prepare your part on Sicut cervus to m. 23

     IMPORTANT:  Follow the preparation directives written on the music.

4.  Diction Skills: You will take a short verbal quiz on the International Phonetic Alphabet

     Study ONLY the single vowels.

     Know the IPA symbol, key word and how it sounds.

     Click here for the IPA chart.

Questions:  Dr. James Stegall, jc-stegall@wiu.edu

Concert Choir MUS 105

Wednesday, January 20 and Friday, January 22 at 2p (the regular class meeting time)  Browne Hall 130

This is a non-auditioned ensemble; each student will have a hearing simply for voice placement.

Concert Choir meets MWF from 2p to 2:50p in Browne 130.

Questions: Jonathan Saeger, jm-saeger@wiu.edu

Vocal Jazz Ensemble, MUS 107

Tuesday, January 19 and Thursday, January 21 from 6:30p to 9:30p in Browne 130

Sign-up for an audition time at  Sallee 205.

There is nothing to prepare for this audition.

At your audition you will be asked to:

1. Sight read a jazz tune

2. Perform some aural exercises to demonstrate listening skills in relation to jazz chords

3. Vocalize to demonstrate range

4. Sing some short scat passages

Questions: Jonathan Saeger, jm-saeger@wiu.edu