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University Singers: MUS 106 (Meets MWF 12:15-1:50pm & T/Th 12:15-1:45pm, Location TBA)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Spring 2021 audition process for the Western Illinois University Singers has changed. All students interested in auditioning for the University Singers will be required to submit a video recording via an unlisted YouTube link. This link will be submitted within the WIU Choirs Audition Form.

Auditions must be submitted by 8:00am on January 18, 2021 


  1. Auditions must be recorded in one take and as if they were "live" auditions. There should be no stopping or editing within the recording.
  2. Be sure your torso and head/neck are clearly visible in the recording the entire time.
  3. Be sure the lighting is also adequate and that you are using the highest quality video/audio recording equipment possible (most newer phones, tablets, and computers will work just fine).
  4. Please wear appropriate apparel, and be sure to listen to your recording to ensure you can easily be seen and heard.


  1. Start your video recording by stating your name and prepare voice part (e.g., "Hello, my name is Jon Smith, and I will be auditioning on Soprano 1").
  2. Perform a two-octave major scale starting on the E, F, F#, G, Ab, or A on the vowel [i] as in "bee" or [a] as in "bah." You can ascend or descend one octave at a time first. Please record at the tempo marking quarter note = 70. This scale should display your vocal range, vocal technique, vocal quality consistency, and expressive ability.
  3. Play yourself a starting pitch for the audition excerpt and perform the excerpt at the suggested tempo marking of quarter note = 50.
  4. Upload your completed recording to YouTube and share it via an unlisted YouTube link within the WIU Choirs Audition Form. Be sure to not have it listed as private or public. For help with your upload visit: "How to upload unlisted videos to YouTube".

Auditions must be submitted by 8:00am on January 18, 2021 

Selection Criteria:

  • Vocal quality choice/suitability and consistency (Does the vocal quality chosen/prepared match the stylistic components of the repertoire and remain consistent throughout the selection).
  • Musicianship skills (including elements of diction and expression).
  • Intonation (ability to sing in tune with oneself and others as applicable).
  • Pitch and rhythmic accuracy (including consistent tempo).

Concert Choir: MUS 105 (Meets MWF from 2:00-2:50pm in Browne 130)

Non-auditioned; simply come to the first class meeting on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, 2:00-2:50pm!

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