WIU Choirs

Open to all WIU students!

University Singers MUS 106  and Madrigal Singers MUS 108

Monday, August 25, 2014  Sallee 200 (Dr. Stegall's Office)

An Audition Sign-up Sheet will be located at Sallee 200 and available to sign anytime after August 20.

Auditions times begin at noon and conclude at 5:30p.

University Singers MUS 106 meets MWF from 1p to 1:50p AND TTh from 12:30p to 1:45p in Browne 130

Madrigal Singers MUS 108 meets MWF from noon to 12:50p.

On the day of the audition...

1.  Fill out an audition form located on the table outside Sallee 200 and bring to your audition.

2.  Sight read a series of short rhythmic patterns.

3.  Sight read ascending and descending intervals.

4.  Perform this prepared selection "Happy Birthday" without error.

     You will be evaluated on your ability to:

a.  Observe all score markings,

b.  Sing with refined diction skills, and

c.  Sing in tune.

Questions:  Dr. James Stegall, jc-stegall@wiu.edu

Concert Choir MUS 105

Monday, August 25 at 2p (the regular class meeting time)  Browne Hall 130

This is a non-auditioned ensemble; each student will have a hearing simply for voice placement.

Concert Choir meets MWF from 2p to 2:50p in Browne 130.

Questions: Dr. James Stegall, jc-stegall@wiu.edu