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WIU Choral Symposium

** Due to COVID-19, the Junior Honor Choir is postponed

until further notice.**.

WIU Junior Honor Choir

Friday, March 27, 2020

9:00a to 4:30p


We are excited to invite your students to audition for the 2020 Western Illinois University Junior Honor Choir. This event is designed to provide a nurturing musical experience for passionate young musicians. Students will spend the day learning a variety of vocal skills and techniques, and apply those skills to diverse repertoire. This will be an SATB ensemble

For complete details, audition criteria, and an application form, click:
Information Form, Audition Criteria, Application Material

2020 Repertoire:

Sisi Ni Moja - Jacob Narverud - SATB - JWPepper #10593109

The Old Mill - Kenneth Riggs - SATB - JWPepper #10906199

Amazing - Pinkzebra - SATB - JWPepper #10843713

Overview of the audition: (to be submitted digitally; this info is also on the audition form.)

State your name and voice part.

Sing a major scale ascending and descending on tonic sol-fa; quarter equals 60

(do - re - mi - fa - sol - la - ti - do - ti - la - sol - fa - mi - re - do)

Soprano and Tenor starting on either F or G

Alto and Bass on starting on either C or D

Sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" unaccompanied.

Soprano and Tenor starting on either F or G

Alto and Bass on starting on either C or D

Honor Choir Details:

Applications must be digitally submitted  by February 3, 2020 .

There is no fee to audition.  There is a $20.00 per student participation fee for those accepted into the honor choir. Checks made out to WIU CHOIRS, postmarked by Feb. 28, 2020.

Directors will help their students prepare their digital audition and will submit it on their behalf.

Directors will be notified via email on or before February 17, 2020 as to which students are accepted into the honor choir.

The three selections for the honor choir should be fully prepared ahead of time.

Directors are responsible for purchasing student's music and students should bring it to the festival.

Meals will be on your own at the various on campus establishments, or delivery services.

Honor choir t-shirts will be provided to all participants.  The final concert uniform will consist of the honor choir shirt and dark pants/jeans.

All participating students must be chaperoned by their director or parent for the duration of honor choir day.

Those traveling a long distance may wish to travel to Macomb on Thursday evening. Several hotels are located close to the university. On-campus housing is also available.

Rehearsal and Performance Schedule:

9:30a     Honor Choir Rehearsal

10:45a   Break

11:00a   Honor Choir Rehearsal

11:50a   Lunch on your own

1:00p    Special Performance by Western Illinois University Singers 

             University Singers / Honor Choir rehearsal

2:00p    Honor Choir Rehearsal 

3:10p    Break

3:30p    Final Rehearsal 

4:00p    Concert