Faculty Senate

Judicial Board

Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Retention Initiatives

Meetings: All Board members participate in 1-2 training sessions per semester. University Judicial Board hearings are conducted as needed. For each hearing, one faculty representative is typically joined by one administrative and two student Board members to form a hearing panel. On average, approximately 50 hearings are conducted each semester.

Time: Arranged

Place: University Union

Contact: Tim Sheridan, Director, Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Retention Initiatives

Duties: The University Judicial Board serves as the hearing body for students and student organizations alleged to have violated the Code of Student Conduct. The Board reviews documentation, witness testimony, and other evidence to determine whether violations of the Code have occurred, and, if so, what disciplinary sanctions should be imposed. Members of the Judicial Board listen to testimony at student disciplinary hearings. After making a decision (if one is required), members also determine the penalty, if any.

Board determinations are forwarded as recommendations to the Associate Vice President for Student Services.