Faculty Senate

About Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate shall serve as a means by which the opinions and viewpoints of the Faculty may be determined and communicated to the administration of the University, and it shall serve as an agency through which the Faculty may participate in the formation of basic University policy.


Sherman Hall
Photo courtesy of Western Illinois University Visual Production Center

Contact Information

  • Faculty Senate Chair: Christopher Pynes
    E-mail: CA-Pynes@wiu.edu 
    Phone: (309) 298-1467
  • Faculty Senate Parliamentarian: Ilon Lauer
    E-mail: MI-Lauer@wiu.edu
    Phone: (309) 298-2656
  • Faculty Senate Office Manager: Annette Hamm
    E-mail: AE-Hamm@wiu.edu
    Phone: (309) 298-1589
  • Physical Address:
    Faculty Senate Office
    Western Illinois University
    One University Circle
    323 Stipes Hall
    Macomb, IL 61455