Board of Trustees

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Approved: November 16, 2001
Section I: Board Procedures
Subsection: C. Delegation of Authority

C. Delegation of Authority

  1. The authority delegated by the Board Regulations to the President may be further delegated by the President in writing to appropriate and responsible officers/officials of the University.
  2. The authority delegated by the Board Regulations through the President to the officers / officials of the University may be further delegated by the officers in writing to appropriate and responsible officials of the University.
  3. The officers of the University shall identify by position the persons authorized to act in their place in the event of absence from the office of more than a week or other unavailability. The officers shall notify the President in writing of such delegation of authority by the officers.
  4. In order to promote shared participation in responsible and wise decision-making and to ensure channels of communication, the University shall provide for elected campus organizations, the structures of which shall be determined by the constituencies they represent and approved by the President. Except as limited by the scope of collective bargaining negotiations between the Board and the academic employees and the requirements of good faith collective bargaining, the appropriate and duly constituted committees of faculty government shall participate in the decision-making process of the University in the following areas:
    1. University curriculum.
    2. Basic policies with regard to campus planning and facilities construction and utilization.
    3. Creation of administrative positions at the level of Dean and Vice President and the selection of administrative officers for such positions as well as of the President of the University.
    4. Academic planning and the determination of priorities for the conduct and development of the University.
  5. The faculty, staff, and students shall develop constitutions for their own duly established government organizations. Such constitutions shall be reviewed and approved by the President, or the President's designee.