Board of Trustees

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Approved: November 16, 2001
Section IV: Students
Subsection: F. Student Publications and Broadcasting Policies

The University shall develop policies concerning the operation of all student media which are supported in whole or in part by University funds. The policies and any changes shall become effective when approved by the President.

The policies shall include the following provisions and such other provisions as are necessary and appropriate:

  1. Necessary management elements for the conduct of student media organizations, including specifying the line of authority and responsibility from the President to the staff of each organization.
  2. Method of funding and procedures for budget approval.
  3. Establishment of a staff organization, of fiscal authority responsibility, and of guidelines for the conduct of operations.
  4. Provisions for a faculty/staff advisor and for selection of principal student staff and advisors.
  5. Establishment of appropriate ethical and professional standards.
  6. Complaint procedures.
  7. Requirements for assuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.