Board of Trustees

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Approved: November 16, 2001
Section I: Board Procedures
Subsection: D. Board Meetings

D. Board Meetings

  1. Agenda
    The President, in consultation with the Chairperson of the Board, shall develop an agenda prior to each Board meeting. The President shall normally mail meeting materials to Board members and other appropriate parties at least seven working days prior to the next scheduled meeting. Distribution of meeting materials is subject to reasonable limitations e.g., contracts with performing groups, procurement issues where bids just opened, or in the case of special or emergency meetings.
  2. Reports
    The President, in consultation with the officers of the University, shall develop a format and schedule for reports to the Board. Items presented to the Board shall be submitted either for action or information. Each item presented for action shall be accompanied by an appropriate resolution or recommendation to provide a clear record of the action taken by the Board.
  3. Presentations
    It is the practice of the Board to conduct meetings in a timely and efficient manner, while still allowing for the opportunity, subject to reasonable constraints and in accordance with P.A. 91-715, for members of the public and employees of the University to make comments to or ask questions of the Board. In order to help maintain this practice, the following regulations are hereby adopted.
    1. Persons desiring to address the Board shall submit a written request to the President at least seven working days prior to the Board meeting. The request shall include the name and address of the person wishing to speak, the name of the group represented, and a summary of the presentation.
    2. The President and the Chairperson shall consult with respect to each request to address the Board. At least four working days before the meeting the President shall indicate to each person properly submitting a request to address the Board whether the request will be granted or denied. If the request is granted the form and duration of the presentation shall be subject to rulings of the Chairperson.
    3. Any request to make comments to or ask questions of the Board not made in accordance with paragraphs a. and b. above shall be considered by the President and Chairperson and granted or denied based upon reasonable constraints, including but not limited to: available time; number of requests; prior time devoted to discussion of the topic; and other like considerations. The Chairperson shall retain the right to request that numerous individuals who wish to address the same topic appoint a spokesperson to address the Board.
  4. Recording of Meetings
    Any person may record by tape, film, or other means the meetings of the Board of Trustees or its committees required to be open by Illinois law, provided that, if the recording process interferes with the overall decorum and proceeding of a meeting, such recording shall be discontinued at the request of the Chairperson or other presiding officer.