Board of Trustees

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Approved: November 16, 2001
Section VI. Physical Facilities
Subsection: E. Campus Disturbances or Demonstrations

In order that normal educational processes can continue without interruption and in order that individual safety, personal freedom, and property rights can be enjoyed without impairment, the Board has established this policy.

  1. Unauthorized Activities
    1. Criminal Damage
      Criminal damage to State property is committed by any of the acts specified in 720 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/21-4.
    2. Criminal Trespass
      Criminal trespass to State land is committed by one who enters upon the campus or a building with legal notice that entry is forbidden or who remains in an area after notice to depart.

      Persons who violate established University regulations for the use of University facilities shall be notified to depart. This notification should be given publicly and orally by an authorized University representative. If such persons remain, a police officer or other authorized University representative should read applicable portions of the criminal trespass statute, 720 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/21-5, and advise them that they are in violation of the law and may be arrested. In appropriate circumstances, court action of an injunctive or criminal nature should be sought.
    3. Interference
      Interference with a public institution of higher education is committed by one who, without authority from the institution, through force or violence, actual or threatened, willfully acts as prohibited by 720 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/21.2-2. In appropriate circumstances court action of an injunctive or criminal nature should be sought.
  2. Penalties
    Persons who willfully damage State property, commit trespass on the campus, or interfere with the University's operations shall be penalized in accordance with 720 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/21.2-2.

    Members of a campus community who participate in unlawful activities which disrupt educational functions shall be dealt with in accordance with established disciplinary and administrative processes. Such processes may be invoked regardless of either civil or criminal actions arising out of the same event.
  3. Outside Assistance
    When the President believes that unlawful activities which disrupt educational functions warrant, he/she is authorized by the Board to make prompt application to those agencies provided by the State for the purpose of dealing with those who break the law.